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17 March 88



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Y Monday, July 26, 2010

meet up session @ yishun dam wif e blacklegion team.. sit by e railings talk talk.. haha.. all talk but no action.. sianz..

10:45 pm

Y Wednesday, July 21, 2010

headed to sentosa for a lil sun taning session.. well, tis applies mostly to andy la.. haha.. most of e time i stayed in the shade.. i only stood in e sun for less den 15 mins & i actually got sun burnt.. imagine if i were to stay in e sun for an hr i would turn into a lobster.. haha..
was surprised to c a peacock roaming ard.. din noe tat dey had peacocks in sentosa.. sadly it din open its feathers..

10:36 pm

Y Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tried e NANDOS at bugis.. luckily q wasnt v long.. tink we only queued for abt 15 mins.. ordered e HOT half chicken.. dint dare to try e 'very hot' flavour.. personally i don reali tink e chicken is fantastic.. of mediocre standard only.. plus e service sucks.. chicken took ages to come.. n e 2 plates which i asked for nv came.. they were only v efficient whn it came to e billing part.. lol..


1:06 pm

Y Sunday, July 11, 2010

never knew buying a bouquet of fowers can cost 300+.. lol.. its as good as buying a necklace from tiffany & co.. florists are out to suck ppl's money during v.dae..

11:21 pm

Y Wednesday, July 07, 2010

spent e whole of yst rotting in a car workshop.. im surprise i din die of heatstroke.. haha..
had lunch at RIVER SOUTH PRAWN NOODLES and their prawn noodles r one of the best ive eaten so far.. soup is tasty, prawns r big.. but parking there is almost impossible..
den headed over to VICOM to have the IU changed.. cost a freakin $155 to change a new one.. *faints*

headed down to GT AUTO to do up e car. was there last week during their grand opening, now im back there again.. haha.. fixed a new sound system for the car.. alot better den leaving a big hole there.. but hearing e music is almost impossible wif the loud sound of e exhaust..
in total i tink i spent 4h in e wkshop.. had e filter changed and did sm tuning to e car.. which took ages..

took a few pics of the car.. tats e super huge exhaust.. tink its the size of my fist.. no kidding manz!

11:31 pm


my loots from my shopping spree last week!!

saw tis spagh & it was love at first sight. haha.. comes wif removable straps so it can b worn as a tube or spagh.. bought 2 of it in diff prints.. each cost $29.90

FCUK tee @ $59

bought e INCANTO BLOOM for $130 & got e 30ml CHARMS for free tgt wif a pretty FERRAGAMO clutch

SHU UEMURA blusher and SHISEIDO control base

Shiseido cheese cakes imported from japan.. shiseido claimed that e cheese cakes are so delicious, its a mus buy.. but sadly it din live up to expectations..

10:20 pm

Y Sunday, July 04, 2010

went prawning @ geylang.. the place used to be a sports hall now its converted into a prawning area.. its e cleanest prawning place ive ever been to.. and u can even try ur luck at catchin crabs if uve grown tired of prawning.. haha..
isnt tis kitty cat adorable? haha.. guess its cold so it snuggled in e shoe rack..

toy poodle! my fave! =D

tis is totally random. haha.. i got bored n tired to stick the anti-slip mats on e car window and to my surprise it could actually stick onto e window without slipping off.. lol.. mayb i can consider using tis as decals in future.. lol..

i almost grew deaf sitting in e STI.. e exhaust is crazily LOUD.. and e stupid IU spoilt so we went thru e ERP without paying.. lol..

12:56 pm

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