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17 March 88



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Y Sunday, December 30, 2007

went bugis to shop todae.. wanted to get e pink top from mphosis but sadly it has alr sold out.. so i poped into HURS hopin to get a nice dress but to my horror there were no nice dresses left.. those pretty dresses i saw e other dae are alr gone.. wth!!! so suay la.. all e clothes i wan also gone le.. i'm seriously v demoralized.. wan i hv e money to buy clothes i cant seem to find aniting i fancy.. when i'm broke i have tons of stuff i wanna buy.. haiz.. grrrr... wad is wrong wif all e retailers?? cant they stock up more clothes which suits me?

e basement of bugis junction has been revamped and it now houses lots of food outlets.. i bought tis chewy junior tingy.. look kinda lik donuts jus tat tis one is filled wif cream inside.. not tat fantastic la.. stil donut factory e best!

11:33 pm

Y Saturday, December 29, 2007

went shopping at suntec & marina sq todae.. din manage to get aniting.. saw tis hot pink top in mphosis.. reali lik it alot! but din get it cos dear said its not reali nice.. now i' attracted to hot pink stuff ever since i got my hot pink gem tube.. hehe.. stopped by tis shop selling cottage waffles for my tea break.. its located in suntec's playgrd on e top level.. waffles so so la.. i ate e waffle combo.. consists of a waffle wif maple syrup and ice choco.. e choco was too diluted.. not thick enuf.. waffles would give it a rating of 3/5.. we were e only one in e shop lor.. felt so weird.. but i enjoyed drawin on e sticky pad provided in the shop.. dear tried to draw a waffle but i tink it looks lik a tofu.. take a look at e pic at e bottom.. e one which is sq is drawn by him.. mine is e triangular one.. hehe.. at least mine looks lik a waffle.. hahaha..

12:10 am

Y Friday, December 28, 2007

i made myself a charm bracelet!! i did it all by myself!! so proud of myself!! hehe.. =) isnt it pretty?? love it to bits! shall wear it out tml.. lol.. i tink i'm gonna wear my boots out tml.. cant wait! hahaha.. i'm mad la.. don mind me.. =X

12:21 am

Y Thursday, December 27, 2007

i miss wearing my boots~!! bought my boots from HK n ever since i got it i think i only wore it 2-3 times.. haha.. always cant seem to find e right occasion to wear it.. haiz.. mayb i'l wear it when i go for countdown.. but..... duno if i'l be goin to countdown.. ANDY doesnt wanna go.. sigh sigh sigh.. meanie!

2:44 pm

Y Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas was a busy one for me manz.. eve went to watch legend at 650.. show was so so la.. storyline some wad lik 28 days.. 28 weeks later.. resident evil.. etc.. jus tat tis show's monster's arent tat scary n they're rather smart too.. its more of humans after getting infected starts to exhibit monsterous behaviours but IQ stil remains e same.. aft e movie me n dear quickly went to shop for xmas present for my cousins and aunt n at e same time got myself a new pair of faux lashes.. hehe.. thereafter we went to starbucks at taka to slack..

people nowadays seriously have no courtesy man! i found a 2 seater table in starbucks, left my bag on the chair den me n dear went to buy drinks.. n to my shock n horror one chair was missing whn i got back.. wth la!!! curse e person who took my chair!! there was only 2 chairs so obviously i needed both chairs rite.. no1 would b seating alone there wad.. so duno who was tat stupid person who took e chair WITHOUT asking.. e table beside us was also a 2 seater table yet they had an extra chair to put their bag.. 90% is they took our chair.. they din even offer to give us e chair la.. stupid old couple.. i don tink their bag needs to sit on a chair.. anw this kind group of youngsters offered us a chair.. so we could happily eat e yummy spagh..
while dear was in e toilet tis rude kid jus conveniently dragged e chair away.. i had to go over n ask him to return e chair la.. wad is wrong wif ppl nowadays?? i was sitting dere n i believe i'm big enuf for him to c yet he din even bother to ask me n jus dragged e chair away.. stupid ass!! totally spoiled my xmas mood.. haiz..

on both days i was also at orchard.. lol.. xmas day i went to dear's aunt hse for xmas lunch den met my aunt n cousins to pass her presents.. orchard was crazy on e eve & xmas day la.. super duper crowded.. tis yr kinda special la.. there were pretty floats on e road.. don tink there were ani last yr rite? haha..

6:46 pm

Y Thursday, December 20, 2007

went bugis village todae.. only spent abt half an hour there.. went there to check e price for e acrylic nail.. its $70.. considering if i shld do.. n bought 3 pairs of ear rings.. din reali hv alot of time to slowly choose.. i jus grab wad looks nice.. lol.. bought e white hoop ear ring cos andy lik gals to wear this kinda earing.. n i needed sm stud earings so bought one black n gold one.. den we quickly rushed to jp to meet andy's parents n aunt for dinner at sakae sushi.. prob wil go back there again tml.. cos din get to shop todae.. hehe.. =)

3 for $5

11:31 pm

Y Tuesday, December 18, 2007

jus finished watching gong zhu xiao mei.. super nice! gals who love to watch romantic shows or love wu zun definitely have to catch tis show!!! hehehe.. but e ending is kinda stupid la.. go watch n u'l noe wad i mean.. haha..

9:58 pm


was cleanin my room tis afternoon and found tis bottle of body spray from marks & spencer.. tis is e kind of 'perfume' i use when i'm in secondary sch.. its considered quite an IN ting den.. haha.. now i hv a whole collection of perfumes.. lol.. i hv e silky gal perfume which i use on sch days as its cheap so i can spray alot n use it often.. e ck one is courtesy of my darling.. he bought it for me on my bdae tis yr.. e scent is nice however doesnt last long.. e davidoff one i got it at china airport's dfs shop.. e scent is rather strong n its lasting.. i only use e stila whn i wan a more femine scent.. its sweet smelling.. n i love e pinky bottle.. hehe.. =)

can anyone guess wad tis is?? ------->

its actually an egg holder.. pretty eh? my mom got it from her malay fren's wedding.. rather exquisite egg holder..

it looks lik tis whn u open it ---->

doubt ani one would use it as an egg holder.. i use it as an ornament.. placed it on my shelve..

7:54 pm

Y Monday, December 17, 2007

went shopping wif my mummy todae.. shopped @ isetan, taka & far east.. n as usually.. i did not come home empty handed! haha.. its always nice to shop wif ur mum cos she'l pay for stuff.. hehehe.. =) bought a pair of white shoe & two cardigans.. i hv tons of cardigans alr.. yet my mom stil wanna buy.. cos its half price for e 2nd piece.. thus we bought one grey one n a light pink one.. i alr hv a black, brown, pink & white one at home.. so now i have a total collection of 6 cardigans!! lol.. n its more or less e same design except for e colour difference..

chinese new yr is comin real soon.. onli left wif abt 1mth plus.. i'm contemplating whether i shld go extend my nails.. its kinda expensive.. but its reali pretty.. or shld i jus buy e fake nails n stick it on myself?? it onli costs $10 compared to over $60.. hmmmmmmmmmm... *ponders*

shoe from mitju $29.90

cardigan from fairyland 1st piece @ $26.90 2nd piece $8

11:01 pm

Y Friday, December 14, 2007

SCHOOL'S OUT & E HOLIDAYS R IN!!! WOOOHOOOOO!! finally manz.. though its onli two weeks but stil better den none la.. hehe.. =) had 2 presentations todae.. don rmb having 2 presentations in a day b4.. tk god its over..

went vivo aft sch.. my feet nearly gave way from wall e walkin.. n to make matters worse, i was wearing heels.. my poor feet is achin badly now.. if onli i hv usqueeze! hahahaha.. had dinner at kfc wif andy.. e buddy meal.. super full la.. aft dinner we headed home cos i was seriously too tired le.. anw vivo din reali hv lotsa stuff to shop la.. yes they hv alot of shops but not all e shops appeal to me.. n e stuff there isnt v cheap.. oh ya mango is having sale! wanted to get e hot pink top i hv been eyein at but cant seem to find it in e heaps of clothes.. thus i gave up finding.. lol..

went to watch warlords at jp yst.. as u all probably alr know.. e show is abt brotherhood btw e 3 main characters.. duh.. haha.. other den e potrayal of botherhood, the show onli comprises of war, fighting, bloodshed & crying.. in my opinion, i don tink e show is gd.. don tink its worth watching.. doesnt appeal to me la.. but it may appeal to u.. so if u r planning to go watch den go ahead lor.. i'l onli give it 3/5 popcorns..

i'm selling stuff on yahoo auction.. e photos below r e stuff i'm selling.. anibody interested to purchase feel free to contact me okie? price negotiable.. alternatively, u could go to yahoo auction and search for my username maa1311.. u'l also b able to c all e stuff i'm selling.. =]

10:09 pm

Y Saturday, December 08, 2007

argh!! feeling so sick now.. got running nose.. i keep sneezing non stop.. haiz.. keeps getting tis every mon n at times in e noon.. isit sinus? or do i reali hv a flu? i reali duno manz.. but e funny ting is when i'm outside i don sneeze.. i onli sneeze whn i'm home.. cant b e dust in my house rite? cos i don c much dust ard.. hahaha..
went to watch golden compass.. not bad.. rather interesting la.. but there isnt an ending to e show yet.. so guess will have to wait for e next installment..

12:23 pm

Y Wednesday, December 05, 2007

kinda in a bad mood now.. haiz.. my bf has been tryin to be sweet n nice to me.. tats reali great.. its jus tat its so tiring having to worry abt so many stuff whn i plan to go out wif him.. lik whn i wanna go town or aniwhere in singapore which requires us to take e public transport, i'l hv to worry abt his bus fare.. i'l b worried tat by goin to tat place, i'l b wasting his bus fare.. so i hv to avoid travelling to far places as i do not wanna waste his bus fare.. which is kidna troublesome.. so due to tis i'm being restricted.. so wad if he offers to go town wif me tml? yes by goin i'l b happy.. but i won b happy whn he tells me the value of his fare card is running low n he has to top up n doesnt hv enuf money.. which is irksome..

i used to go town more than 3 times a week.. yet now i'm onli restricted to goin once w my bf.. not jus cos of his fare card.. but also due to e fact tat he doesnt lik to go to town.. n wad r his reason? 1: i've got no MONEY $$$$ 2: i'l onli go town if i have smth to buy 3: i feel reali tired having to walk ard town

its always e money issue n i seriously hate it!!! y doesnt he try to save money on food instead n not eat 5-6 meals a day? its not goin to town tats eating up his money but its e amt he spends on food which is suckin up almost all of his allowance.. wad's e pt of spending on such ex food whn eventually e food gets into ur stomach n is passed out as shit.. who e hell would noe u ate tat sharks fin for $60?? hahaha..

11:32 pm

Y Tuesday, December 04, 2007



went to c e xmas lightings e other dae.. its reali pretty.. once e sky gets dark n all e lights start to shine n sparkle in e sky.. lik dozens of stars in the sky.. hehe.. n tis yr there're ballarina figurines along the sidewalk.. kinda diff from usual.. haha.. i also took pics of the long standin taka xmas tree.. stil hv not gone to c e so called 10 storey high xmas tree at vivo.. wil go tis wkend i guess..

9:00 pm

Y Monday, December 03, 2007

went to wang li hom's concert on sunday.. it was superb!!! even my bf who was reluctant to go at 1st also enjoyed e concert.. haha.. there were guest appearance by huang yida n li ji han.. but when dey came out e atmosphere wasnt tat gd.. kinda dead.. ppl werent reali high.. but e minute li hom came on stage every1 was super high la.. me n wan wan was act sitting on e benches immediately stood up n ran to the fences to get a better view of him.. hehe.. LI HOM ROCKS!! =D

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10:34 pm

Y Sunday, December 02, 2007

1:37 pm

Y Saturday, December 01, 2007

received my gem lined tube todae!! v v happy!! lol.. its reali gorgeous.. n its onli $26.50 inclusive of normal postage.. not too ex ya.. affordable la..

6:17 pm

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