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17 March 88



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Y Wednesday, July 29, 2009

went to ION during the weekend & it was extremely pack! wanna eat those snacks at e basement also hv difficulty as three was a large crowd making it diff to walk & there were long queues.. the shopping centre is HUGE and if u don hv a map sure get lost! haha.. even the staff there carries a map along wif dem.. haha.. anw i din manage to walk all the levels only combed the 4 basements & went into the pretty LV boutique.. =) wanted to get the mini lin coin pouch but sadly no stock! duno whn den e stock wil b here.. sad manz.. shld hv bought it whn i could.. haha..

im totally exhausted from work.. im gonna slp at like 10+ todae.. lol.. =X

10:21 pm

Y Sunday, July 26, 2009

pics taken wif my black contacts.. the lens doesnt reali make my eyes look bigger jus enlarges my pupils slightly only.. cant notice much of a diff..
i also bought the brown contacts.. tat one wld def b noticeable.. haha..

watched the 6th harry potter movie last thurs.. the movie is rather brief compared to the story book.. ive alr read all 7 books so actually its a waste of money for me to watch the movie whn i alr noe e ending.. haha..

12:48 pm


i spent my sat afternoon lazying around in my house wif babe.. babe's crazy over peanut soup so i cooked peanut spareribs soup for babe wif spag for lunch.. =)
after eating babe jus slumped his big FAT ASS onto my bed n slept thru e whole afternoon.. no wonder he has grown fatter since e first time i met him.. hahaha..

nite time we went to the jurong hill fishing place for prawn fishing tgt wif terence.. spent 4h there & caught a record no of prawns.. total 23 prawns caught!! its alr considered an acheivement.. haha.. normally we only manage to catch 4-5 prawns..

we were v mean and tortured the poor prawns.. the prawns had their limps severed, went for a bungee ride, got stepped on and got dragged on the floor.. lolx.. but they managed to survive all the ordeal.. they've got a strong will to live! hahaha.. they were still jumping away on the way home..

1:51 am

Y Saturday, July 25, 2009

blogger is finally up and working. thus, i can finally start blogging.. im one week backdated..


ive been hitting the gym regularly to try and lose e wt i gained during the hols


super slack job.. jus sit in the lecture rm, listen to ppl give talk & get paid.. hahaha..


i chose a new pink sony tv for babe's room!! =) totally sweet!

went bowling last sun & saw tis guy tat has an ankle injury but stil insisted on playin bowling.. he limps his way to throw the ball.. super comical la.. *sorry video is upside down*

4:01 pm

Y Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wad the hell is wrong wif blogger!!!!!
i cant upload my pics and i cant blog properly!!!! sucks!!!

11:29 pm

Y Sunday, July 19, 2009

another dae at SENTOSA!!!
we cycled todae.. though its only for abt 45 min we were both totally exhausted & our legs r super tired.. haha.. we had fun 'stealing' the balls given by the teenage mag carnival & had a hard time trying to deflat the balls as the balls r too HUGE! haha.. saw alot of dogs at the beach todae.. mayb will bring peg to e beach one of these days.. tt shld b interesting.. lol..

1:09 am

Y Friday, July 17, 2009

me & babe bought matching Havaianas slippers from NUM.. bought the black one wif metal logo.. love it manz! =)


9:47 pm

Y Wednesday, July 15, 2009

working life sucks!!! i hardly hv time for myself everydae aft work.. cant wait for the weekends to come & cant cant cant wait for the last dae of work!!! til den ive gotta bear wif it & slog my guts out.. =((


my portrait drawn by my colleague shekinah
wanted to play pool during our lunch time.. without realising that there were no balls inside i jus happily pushed the $1 into the machine n it was eaten up by the pool table.. sucks!

11:42 pm

Y Tuesday, July 14, 2009

baby looks the most alluring when he's doing pull ups in the gym clad in singlet & sexy shorts! haha..

11:21 pm

Y Monday, July 13, 2009


had craving for korean bbq so babe brought me to SHILLAWON for korean bbq! food is not bad.. 7/10 la.. the meat is nicely marinated & its not v spicy.. u can choose spicy or non spicy meat.. my fave was spicy chicken & beef.. babe prefered the non spicy ones though.. we ate far too much meat & in e end we din hv space for e korean pancake.. haiz so wasted.. i wanted to try lor.. but din manage to as we were both stuffed to the brim.. haha..

sotong & pork

kimchi fried rice

looks gross but its actually chicken & it taste e best among all e meat. haha..

salmon sashimi

12:01 am

Y Sunday, July 12, 2009

ive got a very traumatic experience at e comm centre todae.. i had to queue for 4h+ to purchase the iphone.. & to make tings worse, i wasnt givent a tag when i joined the queue tks to the muddleheaded singtel staff.. but luckily it din pose much of a prob & i was quickly given one..

having to queue for so many hours is reali straining lor.. damn sian & tiring.. if not for e fact tat ive paid $50 reservation fee i won hv queued lor.. wld hv opt to collect it another dae.. anw tk god i made it thru & came out in 1 piece..


massive number of ppl who turned up to buy e iphone

fooling around while queueing =P

last stop: my iphone waiting for me in tis make-shift building

my iphone! source of my strength.. lol..

love tat its white!!

bought tis skin for my dad. only paid $9 tks to the $30 voucher tat singtel gave

1:13 am

Y Friday, July 10, 2009

caught the movie ICE AGE 3 @ ILLUMA's cinema.. movie is reali hilarious.. if u wanna get a gd laugh u shld go catch tis movie.. haha..

b4 tat we went to MAXWELL market hoping to eat MDM TAN'S NASI LEMAK after reading its gd review.. but we went there late & it was all sold out.. damn disappointed la.. so we ate TIAN TIAN CHICKEN RICE instead.. n my fave fried sweet potato balls!

9:01 pm

Y Wednesday, July 08, 2009


me & babe spent our afternoon mounting our photos onto the pretty cards we bought frm the artshop @ central mall.. hv yet to decide hw we r gonna bind them together.. haha.. though we've been together for almost 3 yrs but the photos we took together are very little.. these photos hold all the sweet memories tat we've had together..

11:53 pm


was hoping to get a lil tan by goin to sentosa but unfortunately it started to rain shortly after i arrived.. wad a bummer.. totally dampened our spirits.. i even specially went to buy a mat so i could lie down comfortably to tan.. but din manage to put e mat into gd use.. DARN! =(
it was super windy


SPOTTED: courtesy lion wearing mask. super cute!

12:23 am

Y Monday, July 06, 2009

new outlet opened by xin wang which sells taiwan food instead of e usual hk food.. dislike the weird sitting arrangement whereby me & babe were made to sit side-by-side on a 4 seater table with another couple sitting directly opp us on the same table.. so e min i look up i'll c e couple right in my face.. hw to eat comfortably sia??
food is also lousy.. though the portion is huge and price is reasonable.. e side dishes r worth trying but not e main dishes.. the mee sua tat i ordered is recommended by the chef but it totally sucks! sesame oil chicken shld nv be served in soup.. it makes e whole dish feel v oily..

pearl milk tea & mango milk shake

fried fish paste cake w sweet & sour sauce

sesame chicken mee sua

crispy chicken rice


msia trip to durian plantation, choco fty plus shopping @ Jusco.. lazy to upload e pics so would jus let a few pics do e talking.. hehe..


my loots from msia =)

durian tree

rambutan tree

1:05 am

Y Thursday, July 02, 2009

if i din meet my mom for lunch, i would hv nv known tat NUS arts canteen has a nice seaview.. haha.. so im glad i went over to hv lunch wif my mom during her lunch break.. =)

travelled to IKEA to buy new shower curtains for my bathroom but din manage to find aniting suitable.. instead of getting wad i was supposed to buy from IKEA, i bought tis cutie ghost lamp & babe bought a mouse pad.. haha..

den headed down to BUGIS in search for a new shorts.. managed to get tis light coloured denim shorts for only $15 bucks! wad a steal!!! =D

anw if uve been to bugis village im sure u wld have seen tis drinks stall jus at e back of the bus stop.. DON BUY DRINKS FROM THEM!!!! WHY?? cos e woman tat is working in tat shop was opening tis coconut, knowing tat e juice would fly everywhere but did not take any precaution.. guess wad? the juice flew onto a very unlucky person: ME!!! land on my arm still nvm.. worse of all is the juice landed on my LV bag!!!! not on e canvas but the leather part.. KNS LOR! tat part cant b cleaned lor & will leave a water mark.. PISSED!!!


mouse pad from IKEA for 90cents


babe's new baggy

my cutie ghost lamp! =)

MGL shorts $15

babe spent $4 to catch both toys from arcade @ ILLUMA


TCC having 1-for-1 promo so we went to eat our fave TCC dishes.. applicable to TCC card holders only

seafood aglo olio

salmon pasta

11:48 pm

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