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17 March 88



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Y Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kinda bz tis week.. too many stuff i gotta do n not enuf time!! OMG!!! i only got abt 2 days to do all these stuff.. wed sucks la.. got lesson til 3 cant even do aniting abt tat.. sian.. =(
haha.. anw tis is all in preparation for dear cousin's wedding on sat.. oh man.. y r gals so troublesome? gotta do so many stuff to doll themselves up? grrr.. sadly tis is all in my nature so i reali cant help it.. hehe..

1. go for manicure
2. dye my hair
3. mayb nd to go back to e saloon n get them to reperm my hair cos e result isnt tat gd aft e
4. go for interview on thurs
5. go far east get bangles to match my dress
6. gotta bring belt n accessories for andy's mom to pick
7. do facial

11:37 pm

Y Friday, October 17, 2008


every gal out there pls be wary of this person:
Name: Madeline Tan
Email: pinklady_tan@hotmail.com

she msged me on msn jus now claiming that she added me in facebook and that she's the boss of EZY ESCORT.. asked me to join her company to be a social escort and can earn up to 3-8 k a month.. when i said i'm not interested she said i could do cyber instead of meeting the men..

disgusting la! WTH!!! she tinks tat every gal out there as ez as her ar.. n i checked fb regarding info abt her but realised that she isnt even my fren on fb.. fucking liar lor.. duno hw e hell she got my email..

so gals out there better beware!! don fall prey.. unless u're interested to be a social escort den u could add her on msn.. hahaha..

11:33 pm

Y Sunday, October 12, 2008

*michelle is super happy todae!!* =))

went shopping jus now.. smth which i haven done for like 2 weeks.. lol..
i bought a pretty hot pink agnes b. pouch.. super chio la!
oso bought a fbt singlet for gym.. so now i won hv to wear the same old uniform to the gym.. haha.. i now hv 2 sets of clothes to inter-change.. yay! *cheers* =]
also got a new samsung flat screen monitor.. its gorgeous la! its totally black n its v sleek! haha.. looks like a mini version of the samsung tv.. hehe.. but now e screen is so huge n elongated.. n e icons of my desktop is kinda tiny.. looks v weird.. plus i cockeyes so when i use e internet i gotta increase the size of the words..

wish e weekend won be gone so soon.. don wanna start another week of boring lectures.. haiz..

1:44 am

Y Wednesday, October 08, 2008

jus received this email from jerry regarding iphone.. i shall c which is true n which is not.. haha..

True facts which alot of ppl shld alr noe b4 they bought an iphone:

1. No 3g video calls over 3g network
(doubt many ppl actually uses video calls)
2. You cannot forward a SMS message, you have to retype it
3. No auto-focus, No flash
4. Plastic casing (tis is done to cut cost & to be able to lower the retail price of e phone)
5. No removable battery (u can always bring a charger along wad.. haha)
6. You can't receive MMS messages
7. It's not finger-print resistant

Totally untrue:

1. Mediocre camera, photos look like they have come out of a VGA camera
(e photos i took don even look like its taken using a 2megapixel camera.. duno is e camera or e pixel of the screen of the phone is gd..)
2. Once You’re on 3G Network, You Cannot Make CALLS TO A PHONE ON 2G Network (my mom uses a 2g phone n i can cal her.. no prob at all..)
3. No songs as ring tones (songs can be made as ringtone ar.. only cant make as msg tone unless u hack it)

As for these i've nv tried yet & doesnt apply to me either cos i doubt i'l b using all these functions:

1. No sync between notes & to do's
2. No office document editor
3. No AD2P on the Bluetooth
4. You cannot use it as an external storage device
5. You can't use it as a wireless modem
6. It only allows for a maximum of 1 picture to be attached to each e-mail you send
7. You cannot save documents on it: documents can only be viewed as attachments when
they're sent to your e-mail address
8. You can't pair it with a stereo Bluetooth headset
9. It doesn't have a file browser/organizer!


my life has been super duper uper boring recently.. tks to sch.. its 4 days in a row.. n at times there's even makeup classes in e nite.. super sian la!!!
i utterly HATE hrm.. i wish i nv chose it.. e lecturer sucks! dun even usd wad e hell is he talking.. i'm gonna fail manz.. grrrr..

anybody out there also taking HRM? pls come save me!!! =((

10:49 pm

Y Thursday, October 02, 2008

caught tis cute puny plush toys last wkend.. i spent a total of $5 bucks to catch it.. hehehe.. not reali worth the money.. but hack care la.. its fun catching dem.. u'l get a sense of achievement.. haha.. =D
ELMO's my FAVE!!!

10:56 pm

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