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17 March 88



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Y Thursday, February 26, 2009

i cant wait to celebrate our bdae!!!!
ok am im jus freaking bored.. hahaha..

11:27 pm

Y Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i saw 2 reali pretty rainbows near lot1 todae.. one is v define e other one on top of it is rather faint.. but if u look closely u can actually see 2 rainbows.. in the more prominent rainbow i could see abt 3-4 colours in it.. it was reali broad n long.. i tink tis is the longest rainbow i've seen in my life.. hahaha.. n to be able to c if wif my loved one makes the sight even more memorable.. =)
anw i reali wanna rant tat andy is a meanie!!! he doesnt allow me to wear the necklace he bought for me!!!! grrrr!!! ive gotta wait another 2 wks to wear it.. sian... =( by den my neck would b as long as a giraffe's neck.. haha..

11:07 pm

Y Monday, February 23, 2009

am reali lazy to blog.. but since andy asked me to blog so i shall oblige.. hahaha..

i wanna get a hp strap!!!

preferably smth lik tis one.. hahaha.. babe u buyin for me? lol..

12:35 am

Y Monday, February 16, 2009

developed these photos in 2r size.. tiny n cute.. n i like e border ard e photo.. hehe.. so much better den 4r size.. n we're gonna stick all these in a scrapbook.. our sweet lil scrapbook proj.. =)

11:42 pm


so happy tat i'm turning 21 nx mth thus i can get e gst offset.. hahaha.. now e hole i made in my account when i bought e gucci wallet would b filled up.. yay~ so now i can invest in other stuff.. wahahaha..

just need to get a new bikini.. cos both e bikini i have totally sucks.. one i bought it online, nice but not comfy.. another one is from roxy, bought it without much tot n in e end regretted buying it.. haha.. so now i gotta go get a new one so i can go sentosa! =)

12:45 am

Y Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy V.dAe!!!! =))

i had a v simple v dae tis yr.. haha.. i played mj in e noon, thereafter, headed down to marina for dinner at WARAKU.. as usual there was a long queue there.. n we waited for abt 30-45 min b4 we were seated.. ordered e lobster pasta but sadly it was oos so changed to crab pasta.. the crab meat is sweet n yummy.. but e only bad ting is tat its reali hard to dig e meat outta e shell.. so wouldnt recommend u to eat tis.. e prawn gratin is not bad.. like it cos its cheezy! haha.. n i made a super wrong choice to order grapefruit drink.. it was super sour.. gross man!

had my fave jap soft serve ice cream for desert.. esp lurve e tiny dumplings.. yum~ =)

i finally settled on tis iphone casing.. haha.. went down to suntec's epicentre to buy.. its in a chio shade of red.. i like e material too.. its rubbery yet not sticky.. n its kinda translucent.. unique in my opinion.. haha.. n best of all got discount! haha.. if not v ex lor.. original price is $59 den my fren charged me at $39.. =)

macarons were having a discount in bakerzin.. i v sua gu nv try b4 so bought 2 to try.. it turned out reali horrible.. its extremely sweet manz! like eating suger.. n tis tiny ting cost me $2 bucks.. tk god i din buy more.. nice on e outlook but not on e inside.. lolx..

1:02 am

Y Friday, February 13, 2009


11:30 pm

Y Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Brand new black tights with lace at e bottom
Size: freesize
Length: 22.5" (excluding lace)
$8 mailed

Preloved Roxy top
Size: 6-8
$12 mailed

Brand New
hot pink tube from FOX

Size: P

$12 mailed

brand new Nike tee (with tag)

selling at $28

retail price: $34

size: S

interested pls contact me!

11:37 pm

Y Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i bought my very own gucci wallet!!!! super duper happy manz!!!! =D was deciding between tis n e classic design but got tis ultimately cos tis one has e crystal fabric so doesnt get easily so dirty n its a seasonal item so there's more exclusivity.. haha.. there's also 1yr guarantee.. lik electronic goods lidat.. haha.. so happy!! my v own n very first GUCCI WALLET!!! =)))

12:07 am

Y Sunday, February 08, 2009

went to shop for vdae present 2dae n spent close to $80 bucks.. haha.. bought 2 presents for andy n one top for myself.. been eyeing on tat piece for quite smtime n was surprised to c it on sale.. so needless to sae i bought it!! haha.. an wif uob card there was add 15% so aft discount only $24.. usual price was $40++.. almost 50% off.. cheap la!!! gd bargain manz! =)

11:53 pm


photo taken outside the armour unit.. tats e unit andy's bro is in.. when to pick him up tis afternoon n we waited more den an hr for him to come out.. ridiculous la!! total waste of my time.. n i still had to feed mosquitos there.. totally sucks! even if its my bf tats booking out i won even wait an hour for him lor.. tk god i don hv a bf tats in e army.. hahaha..

went to halo bar for singing session on thurs nite.. its super cheap there.. $13 bucks per person for 3h.. not bad eh? haha.. sadly e last half an hour i kinda lost my voice.. so i stopped singing.. =(
cny is gonna end soon n i din reali gamble much tis yr.. sad.. tink i only played mj lik twice? once on e 1st dae n 2nd time was yst in andy's hse.. played till 1++ am.. was super tired la.. cldnt reali concentrate.. but luckily i did win bit of money.. lolx.. =D

12:39 am

Y Tuesday, February 03, 2009

any1 noe where i can get a hot pink silicon case? i've been searchin high n low for it but to no avail.. haiz.. i've seen ppl using it on e streets n im kinda tempted to ask dem where dey got it from so it'll end my searching.. but im shy sia.. lol.. =X so if there's ani kind soul out there who noes where i can get pls tag me! i wan e HOT PINK one.. n e case mus jus nice cover jus e metal part n not e screen..

10:59 pm

Y Monday, February 02, 2009

watched bridal wars todae.. its more of a girly show la.. so its best to go catch e movie wif ur gal frens.. hahaha.. i love kate hudson's diamond ring la.. its a super huge tiffany diamond ring.. i wanna hv my wedding in june n at e plaza!! lolx.. =D

12:35 am

Y Sunday, February 01, 2009

went to andy's uncle hse to pai nian jus now n met BUDDY e friendly doggie.. hehe.. he's exceptionally cute when u say 'paw paw' n he raises his paws up for u.. hehe.. =)
despite the bad economy, i still managed to collect a rather huge sum of hong bao money.. hehehe.. n a few ppl act gave me more money tis yr.. wooopeee!!! now i can get myself a new wallet!!!

12:41 am

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