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17 March 88



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Y Tuesday, April 28, 2009

here's sm funny stuff to share wif u guys:

Spiderman Spotted in NUS

penguin gal


11:22 pm

Y Monday, April 27, 2009

not tat im a huge fan of hello kitty but i must admit tis earphone is damn CUTE la!!! its a v innovative product.. haha.. it'l b rather interesting to c sm1 on e streets using tis earphone.. lol.. oh ya can serve as a ear ring too.. kill 2 birds wif one stone.. hahaha..

12:17 am

Y Saturday, April 25, 2009

had a fruitful saturday.. wanted to study at je e lib but was packed to the brim so went to the mac at sci centre to do a lil studyin instead.. was attracted by the imax show SEA MONSTERS so we went to catch e show.. quite interesting la.. basically a documentary on prehistoric sea dinos.. den we explored the exhibits outside sci centre.. haha.. aft dinner met my frens for a bowling session! weeee!

tml is another mugging day for me to make up for the time i spent on relaxation todae.. lol.. =X

some random pics taken at sci centre:

can u c a broken chair thru e hole??

couple caught cozying up to each other in the library.. tsk tsk..

a hearty pepper lunch dinner @ IMM yst =)

11:51 pm

Y Thursday, April 23, 2009

the library is no longer a conducive place to study..
it has transformed into the new hangout place for secondary sch kids..
they go there not to study but to huddle in groups & chit chat loudly..
overheard them saying:
B: u all come here study or talk ar?
G: talk la.. oso nothing to study..
they're reali a nuisance to the people around who're there to study..
tks to dem i took lik 3h to study 8 pgs of my tb.. lol..
wanna chat find sm cafe or go mac la.. y of all places did dey choose to chat in e lib? ridiculous lor..
but i did get some entertainment eavesdropping on their conversation.. haha..
this guy was gossiping about his slutty ex gf.. the slutty actions she did to make guys notice her, hw she like to wear revealing clothes to attract attention etc.. lol..

11:46 pm

Y Tuesday, April 21, 2009

你总爱编织谎言 我负责配合表演
所有改变 只为了进入你的世界
这情节 重复了一百遍
才发现 是你的心太远
你划定楚河汉界 我不能轻易犯规
所有时间 都是先给了你优先权
不自觉 爱到不敢冒险
成了你的傀儡一年两年 才看见我有多狼狈
爱到妥协 到头来还是误解
抱着你 不让你飞
历史不断重演 我好累
爱到妥协 也无法将故事再重现
你已下最后通牒 我躲在我的世界

11:29 pm

Y Sunday, April 19, 2009

babe bought me another scrulpture ballooon & tis time tis one is so much more professional den e other one.. at least at one look u can tell its a cat.. haha.. its reali cute wif a pearl necklace n a cutie bow at e side.. hehe.. =)
me & tatty cat =)
huge mirror @ national geography

guy caught wif pants unzip!!

11:16 pm


if uve not watched tis clip on britian's got talent den uve gotta watch it! truly amazing voice tis lil boy has.. & its seriously touching..

there's another clip on susan boyle but i cant copy e embed.. its worth watchin too..

1:31 am

Y Saturday, April 18, 2009

met WANWAN @ boonlay lib & studied tgt.. we sat near the cafe which was pretty noisy.. lotsa noise pollution and distraction.. but at least i managed to clock in abt 3 hours of studies.. haha.. am i hardworking or wad.. lol..

impromptu pic taken while waiting for e traffic light to turn green.. hehe.. =P

studying hard.. not.

12:52 am

Y Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just wanna thank jim n baby for being there for me when i was down..
sitting by e seaside listening to e sound of e waves & pouring our hearts out is a reali great feeling..
im not gonna keep dwelling on e past for it won change aniting.. its just a waste of my energy & time..
thus i shall channel all my energy on study..
what comes around goes around..
u'l get ur retribution sooner or later tts for sure..

curious to noe wad happened btw me & tat bastard? can PM me if u all wanna noe.. hahaha..

11:11 pm

Y Sunday, April 12, 2009


he's a f* rude person.
has no RESPECT for his parents. he scolds vulgarities at them.
thinks highly of himself jus bcos he's now a sergeant in e army.
his passing out parade he wants alot of ppl to go support him but sadly no1 except his parents r interested to go.
is freakin childish tat each time smth goes wrong he would go complain to his parents like a 3 yr old kid & threatens to run away from home.
is domineering. thinks tat he's e king in the hse & every1 has to obey him or everything has to go his way.
is self-centred. he'l only do stuff which benefits him.
is a LOSER. when faced wif a problem he'l jus run away without solving it.
resorts to using VIOLENCE to solve problems.
a copycat. wad eva i buy for my bf he'l either take n use or go buy the exact sm ting..
to sum it all up he's jus INCORRIGIBLE.

does my description of him sound like a v childish n immatured teenager? but guess wad?? he's already 22 tis yr but stil acting like he's in p.sch.. hahaha..

2:11 am

Y Saturday, April 11, 2009

i am sooo freaking pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!
e stupid pet society just won load!!!!!
surprisingly andy's account can load yet mine cant.. jus great! of all ppl y mus it b my account cant load? SUCKS!

1:12 am

Y Thursday, April 09, 2009

while on e bus todae i saw tis pri sch kid showing off her hp to her fren.. she was using e new pink lg touch screen phone.. i duno wad's e model but it shld b quite new la.. pri sch only n she's using such a gd phone.. kids nowadays r seriously pampered la.. i din even hv a hp while i was in p sch.. n i only changed to a touch screen hp recently but at such a tender age she's alr owning one.. my parents don even hv a touch screen hp lor.. lol..

anw went to try out bakerzin's food for dinner at jp.. at the braised pork belly rice.. pork is reali tasty n fragrant.. best of all its not fat.. n e egg is cooked in a reali special way.. its hard boiled egg but the york is soft n bit runny.. pumkin soup was ok only.. n i love e yummy tiramisu! =)

10:33 pm

Y Tuesday, April 07, 2009

was at batok todae n came across is balloon sculpture stall so dear bought me a flower balloon.. but e balloon looks kinda terrible.. doesnt even resemble a flower.. its more like a propeller.. haiz.. wasted $2 on tis ugly looking ting.. e ballons in e 2 other pics look so much more professional.. at least u can tel its a flower at one glance.. i won mind receiving one of e bundle of flowers instead of e real ones.. haha..

12:24 am

Y Sunday, April 05, 2009

went to bugis village n came across tis v interesting art piece by one of the drink stalls.. cute rite? lol.. still got afro hair lor.. haha..

bought tis big polka dot dress from hurs..

12:54 am

Y Thursday, April 02, 2009

went to try the newly opened xin wang at yew tee todae.. food wasnt reali nice.. kinda disappointing.. only the xia jiao is not too bad.. the milk tea is also nice.. but the bake rice was v normal nth special.. n the spag taste horrible.. stil love the bake rice @ kim gary..

me in my toot toot spects =)

10:59 pm

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