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17 March 88



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Y Friday, February 29, 2008

been kinda lazy to blog recently.. also nth happening to blog abt.. haha.. anw went princess room to get my nails done again.. will let e pics do e talkin ya.. =)

princess treatment @ e princess room

glitter acrylic extensions

added gems on tip of both thumbs.. pretty!

12:43 am

Y Friday, February 22, 2008

i'm a sucker for sales ( i bet alot of gals out there are too.. haha.. ) thus whn Mphosis had their sales recently it wasnt surprising tat i bought quite a few clothes to add to my already bursting wardrobe.. hehehe.. =D

its super cheap la.. 50%-70% off!!! i bought 3 tops.. a hot pink n orange one at 50% off and a light pink one at 70% off.. can u believe it!?? wad a gd bargain!! haha.. e whole shop is super messy tks to e sales.. kinda hard to actually flip through the entire rack.. if not i would hv dished out more gd stuff to buy.. looking forward to e next sales!! cant wait! =))

& i watched L todae!! wasnt tat fantastic la.. but not too bad.. L's sooo cute.. haha..

*mayb i'm jus sick of u.. sick of all ur nonsense.. sick of hw u always treat me.. i'm not ur fren i'm ur gf.. so pls treat me lik ur gf n not like a fren.. do u hv no feelings or u jus cant show me ani affections? will it kill u to do so? isit v embarrassin to let ppl noe i'm ur gf? u wanna treat me lik a fren den lets b frens instead lor.. i'm fine wif it.. mayb it'l b better tat way..

11:21 pm

Y Thursday, February 21, 2008

went to TCC for tea break n ordered a choco cake wif strawberries on top.. reali delicious! e strawberries were surprisingly sweet.. thankfully.. haha.. all in all it was worth eating.. though its kinda sinful.. hehehe. =P

12:42 am

Y Tuesday, February 19, 2008

there's smth wrong wif my net.. anibody noes wad is dns server? it was stil fine on sundae but mon whn i gt home my net was down.. my internet connection is fine.. jus tat i cant sign into msn n my web pages cant load.. grrrr.. so frustrating.. so i hv no choice but to blog in my bf's hse.. hehe.. tk god i stil hv him.. =)

ever since sch ended i'm still slackin.. haha.. too lazy to find a job.. hate to wk.. sianz.. hw i wish there's a rich guy who'l yang me.. so i wld nt hv to wk for e rest of my life.. whahahaha.. of cos that only happens in fairytales..

anw wil blog more whn my net is ok.. ciao! =]

3:04 pm

Y Friday, February 15, 2008

happy valentines day!!!

my vdae was jus another plain o' day.. only ting special was i received flowers n went din tai feng for dinner.. haha.. other den tat it was jus another boring day for me.. andy did surprise me at my doorstep wif e pretty flowers.. which of cos made me super happy.. but i din get to bring e flowers out.. sad.. =(

but nevertheless.. i'm stil happy on vdae at least.. =)

11:06 pm

Y Wednesday, February 13, 2008

actually wanted to wait til tml to blog abt it.. but e more i tink abt it e more angry i am...


he has one fuckin attitude la.. when he's in a good mood or whn he needs my help he'l smile to me n talk to me.. he'l even greet me whn i go to his hse.. whn he's in a foul mood he'l jus show a black face to every1 including his family members n me.. n whn i go his hse i'm lik a ghost.. he jus totally ignore me n walk ard e hse wif his moody face.. n he loves to order andy ard.. totally has no respect for his parents much less his older brother.. wth la..

todae's e worst manz.. i can no longer tolerate la.. he's having a final presentation tml.. for his ITP.. n cos of his preparation for his final presentation non of us can play mj in e hse.. including his dad.. e min we took out e mj set he came out of e room to give us a piece of his mind n scolded his dad for playin.. n even demanded to know who was e one who suggested playing mj.. so fuckin rude la.. reason for not allowing us to play is cos he'l fail his presentation cos we're disturbing him.. lik wad nonsense la.. who has ever heard of ppl failing their presentations!? no rite.. totally ridiculous.. how can one fail ur presentation whn all u nd to do is TALK!! who doesnt noe hw to talk? he definitely does.. even if he does fail e presentation it won affect much of his overall grades.. unless he can tel me tat e presentation is worth 100% la.. den ok.. i wil admit tat we're disturbin him.. but obviously its not.. plus if its so impt den y so last min den do?? yst stil can go watch movie.. den in e evenin stil can go gym.. hahahah.. wad nonsense la..

e hse belongs to his dad n his dad don even have e rite to play mj in e hse la.. n stil hv to get scolding from son.. haha.. wad kinda son is he manz.. n he stil has e cheek to scold andy at times for being rude to his dad la.. who's e one who's always so freakin rude to his parents? n still scold his mom STUPID? e pot calling e kettle black la.. fuck him la! he tink he's e king ar.. everyting also must suit him.. asshole!!!!

he has so many fuckin bad pts i have yet to name la.. n he stil wanna find a gf?? haha.. dream on la.. he better b able to find a gal who is super gd tempered la.. hahahaha.. if he wasnt andy's bro i won even bother talkin to such a person.. only whn he's in a gd mood den he's nice to b ard la.. if not den u better stay further away from him or u'l get it from him manz.. haha..


anw went andy's fren's hse todae.. gambled alot.. haha.. won ard $20+ bucks in blackjack.. hehehehe... =P

2:48 am

Y Monday, February 11, 2008


i had a fun-filled CNY! haha.. spent most of my time playing cards n mahjong.. i always hv bad luck in mj.. always lose money in mj.. but luckily i managed to win some money in blackjack.. hehehe.. =)

went to watch e movie CJ7 on the 2nd day of cny.. unlike his past films, tis one does not alot of funny moments but instead there are touching moments.. n i must sae tat e CJ7 is super cute la.. cuter den andy's dog peggy.. hahaha.. if its a real pet i'l definitely go get one.. lol.. its super duper cute! =]

have yet to count my hong bao money yet.. as e saying goes.. "never count ur eggs b4 they hatch".. so i shall wait til e last day of new yr den i'l count my profits! wahahaha.. =P

12:54 am

Y Tuesday, February 05, 2008

some interesting pics i got in my email.. a piece of paper cutting can be formed into many different items.. kinda amazing..

my fave! - a majestic castle

6:14 pm


a lil pizza treat from andy's bro ALVIN! its his 1st time treating me.. i expect there'l b more to come? haha.. kidding.. =P pizza is delicious.. esp love e bbq chicken and e tangy base sauce.. yum yum.. =))

12:20 am

Y Sunday, February 03, 2008

now its kinda hard for me to type wif e long nails.. haha.. nevertheless i stil love dem! hehe..

had my reunion dinner at my grandma house todae.. lotsa good food! got dian xiao er e herbal duck, chilli crab, abalone, mongolian pork ribs etc.. yum yum~ =))

i seriously mus mention tat queensway shoppin centre e ultra suppliers sucks! do not go there to bind ur stuff.. their service sucks n they spelt the word on the book's cover pg wrongly.. restaurant ---> restaurent.. dots~ n i paid $30 bucks for it la.. F**** i din hv much time to bind e book as my grp mate only passed me e document to print on tue n we had to hand in on fri.. so after printin e document i quickly went to queensway to bind.. n had to pay $30 bucks if i wanted it done in a day.. so no choice la.. LL also must pay wad.. i asked dem wad time i could collect on fri n she told me at 2 can collect alr.. but i went there at 3 yet e book was stil not done n they made me wait at e shop.. n e worse ting is dey spelt e word wrongly.. grrr.. wad a waste of my money.. if only i had more time to get it binded.. sianz..

anw i won b meeting my grp mates animore.. i wonder hw are we gonna settle e finance stuff.. was talkin to wl jus now & e min i mentioned e money ting she din reply.. haha.. wad a coincidence manz.. so far e only person who offered to pay me back is sook teng.. oh well.. i trust tat dey arent so dishonest ba..

12:01 am

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