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17 March 88



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Y Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my gorgeous french nails!

3:16 pm

Y Tuesday, June 29, 2010

spotted tis lorry on ECP.. the driver piled his boxes up so dangerously high, it looks like it may fall off anytime..

1:18 am

Y Monday, June 28, 2010

USS was a blast! haha.. though the waiting time for certain rides was kinda long but nevertheless i stil enjoy myself there.. was given $5 coupon to spend in e retail shops so we bought a towel each.. wasnt reali necessary but we din wanna waste e coupon so jus bought e cheapest item there. lol.. lazy to upload all e pics onto my blog.. more pics can b found on my fb yea.. =P

12:29 am

Y Saturday, June 19, 2010

new clothes to add to my already bursting wardrobe.. haha..

spagh from NEW LOOK.. cost: $43.90 b4 10% discount..

bikini from topshop.. total $39

maxi dress from blogshop.. cost: $24

12:54 pm

Y Friday, June 18, 2010

bet u guys din noe im an expert in fixing jigsaw puzzles ya? hahaha.. ive always loved to fix since i was young.. recently fixed tis 2 puzzle.. took abt 45min to complete each puzzle of 240 pieces..

din get to buy ani clothes in china so i turned to dfs in e airport.. got tis 2 items for myself.. wanted to get e miniature perfumes but it comes in a packet of 5 and im worried i may not like all e scents thus got a big bottle of dior addict instead..

tis teacup doggie is super duper cute manz! it can actually fit into a cup.. i love teeny weeny dogs.. so cute n cuddly.. shall get a toy poodle in future! tat is if im willing to spend e money to buy a dog instead of a bag.. lol..

12:38 am

Y Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tink i took about 6-7 gb worth of pics & videos when i went to china.. haha.. e trip to china was more of like a historical trip for me whereby i got to learn abt china's history & c all e historical buildings, some of which are more den 600 yrs old.. and even visited he tombstone of the ancient kings of china.. but din tk ani pics as it is not auspicious to tk pics in a graveyard..

day 1 was kinda relaxing.. touched down at abt 330pm and shortly aft tat we headed for dinner.. aft dinner was my fave activity, shopping! haha.. but it was kinda disappointment.. e shopping place which dey brought us to is a replica of singapore's orchard rd.. u can find labels such as gucci, zara, uniqlo etc.. needless to sae the price of e items are comparable to sing.. thus, i din buy aniting there.. only drank a cup of bbtea frm tis shop called happy lemon.. which is a new shop in ION..

hotel is fantastic.. haha.. bed is comfy, toilet is luxurious manz.. u can actually watch tv while soakin in e bathtub.. a great hotel makes my stay in china so much better..

1:06 am

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