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17 March 88



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Y Monday, October 29, 2007

tired of tryin to communicate with u.. been tryin hard e past yr to get my massage across to u.. but its becoming increasingly difficult n i'm tired of trying.. u hv ur own thinkin n refuse to listen to wad i have to sae.. wadeva u tink or sae is always rite.. n u always hv to run away whn a prob arises.. leaving me confused.. nvm.. i jus take it as it is.. suit urself..


went to eat anpang yong tau hoo todae.. ok lor.. nt v fantastic.. hopefully tml got nicer food to eat since andy's dad is on leave.. hehehehe.. =)

bad mood.. don wish to blog much.. ciao..

10:22 pm

Y Sunday, October 28, 2007

woke up at 10 on a sun morning to prepare to go dim sum wif dear's parents.. *yawnz* sleepy manz.. luckily its e-learning week so i can sleep late for e rest of e week! woots! haha.. we were supposed to go to tis old restaurant called crown palace at queensway.. but sadly e restaurant has alr closed down whn we got dere.. wasted our drive dere.. so we headed to red star restaurant at chinatown instead.. my stomach was grumbling like mad la.. was hoping dere won be a long queue at e restaurant so i could quickly get to eat.. but to my horror dere was a super long queue la.. sad.. but thank god e queue moved quite fast n we got a table in no time..

there was tis super act guy jus behind us in e queue.. wore tis singlet n kept his arms folded jus so his 'biceps' n 'triceps' could be seen.. how PATHETIC is tat?? lol.. normally ppl who reali do hv e substance does not have to fold their arms jus so ppl would notice their muscles.. muscular ppl with or without folding their arms their beautiful muscles could alr be seen from a distance.. for example my darling ANDY! moreover he's not gd looking plus he was wearing tis hideous green pants.. yucks.. an advice for tat act guy.. pls wear clothes which can cover ur minute arms.. wearing a singlet would jus embarrass urself n be a laughing stock.. n for goodness sake pls get urself a decent looking pants.. wahaha..

aft dim sum we headed to redhill market as his mom wanted to get sm stuff.. she walked all e way into e mkt jus to get 30 eggs at a cheaper price.. few cents of egg she also wanna jing jing zi jiao.. haiz.. wonder if i'l b lidat in future whn i have a family? hope not.. i'm not so picky la.. i don wanna go thru tis kinda trouble jus to get eggs which r few cents cheaper.. don c e pt in doin it.. n his dad was reali funny la.. he came up to us n asked andy if he wanted a cake which is sorta sour.. n i was thinking wad cake is tat.. sour cake? don sound nice to me.. we went to e cake shop n realise it was cheese cake tat he was refering to.. lol.. funny shit.. i've nv eaten cheese cake from tis kinda bakery.. i always ate from new york cheese cake.. or starbucks.. etc.. to andy's family tis kinda cake is wad they will usually buy but for my family ny cheese cake is wad we wld buy.. makes me tink hw fortunate i am.. i get to eat all e gd stuff while andy n his family prob has not tasted b4 those kind of yummy cheese cake.. rich in cheese n i esp love e layer of biscuit at e bottom.. talkin abt it is act makin me hungry! hehe.. whn i wk i shall buy dem sm cake to try.. but andy's mom sure sae ex one la.. sae waste money.. haiz.. bth..

anw we went to e gym after tat.. i ran 6 laps!!! first time ok! feel so proud of myself!! wahaha.. i usually onli ran 3 laps.. but todae amazingly i ran 6.. haha.. a new record set for myself.. hehe.. =D i even went swimming aft tat.. so health sia.. haha.. first time i act swam wif his bro.. quite fun la.. he's so crappy..

anni's coming soon.. wad shall i get for dear dear?? hmmm....

10:18 pm

Y Saturday, October 27, 2007

i have tons of stuff i wanna buy!!! n i duno which i wanna get first.. haha.. sadly michelle is broke.. haiz.. is there ani angel out there who would fulfill my wish?? *hint hint* hehe.. =P

din c my darling todae.. soooo sad.. haiz.. but i had a yummy dinner at dian xiao er.. cos its my dad's bdae todae! so we went out for dinner.. ordered cereal prawn, veg, cod fish, fried rice n e shop's specialty duck wif herb sauce.. its was reali delicious.. hehe.. tml gonna continue our bdae celebrating.. we'l b headin to cartel for branch.. i seriously nd to lose sm fats! haha..

12:00 am

Y Thursday, October 25, 2007

anni n xmas is comin! cant wait..

here's my wishlist:
(=skinny jeans=)
(=vintage tee=)
(=clothes in royal blue=)
(=mini skirt=)
(=white shorts=)
(=white bag=)
(=nail extensions + nail art=)
(=lotsa new clothes=)

9:15 pm

Y Tuesday, October 23, 2007


if making lil sacrifices would help to make our rls a happier one i do not mind making e sacrifices.. i used to be picky.. i put my high expectations on u.. i get bothered over lil tings.. but now i'm not gonna do tat anm.. i'l learn to take tings easy.. i tink tis is better ya.. we quarrel less.. guess we're happier tis way..


met up wif my colleagues todae for dinner.. juana aka ah soh & susan.. hehe.. went to e lerk thai at civic centre.. food was not bad.. i ate e seafood hor fun.. so so la.. shld hv eaten e fried kway tiao its much nicer.. ah so ate tis fried noodles.. kinda lik e chinese fried mee.. den susan ate tang hoon.. it was yummy.. den for desert we ate mango rice.. my FAVE! haha.. mango wasnt v sweet though.. e staff there were reali weird la.. one was singing while she served customers.. n another one super blur block.. took e wrong order.. n was v clumsy.. haha..

after dinner we shopped ard causeway pt.. din buy anitng.. sianz.. ah so n susan bought alot of stuff from esprit lor.. cos ah soh has a fren tat wks dere n dey were give 50% discount.. shiok sia! lol.. they bought tons of clothes plus 2 watches.. aft discount e total bill stil amounted to $200++ haha..

aft shopping i went for another round of desert at gelare wif andy cos their waffles were half price on every tue.. hehe.. i'm growing fat manz.. ate so much todae.. omg.. =X

small waffle with honey malt crunch ice cream n caramel topping.. *yum!

11:06 pm

Y Sunday, October 21, 2007

yay! i finally can blog le.. also duno wad happened to my stupid com.. i use a different user den ok.. oh well nvm.. din do much todae.. jus went suntec n ate 1 n 1/2 SUPER FATTENING donut.. haha.. e double chocolate was super yummy.. melts in ur mouth not in ur hand.. lol.. wanted to catch a show todae.. but din manage to.. cos there wasnt ani nice show to watch.. boring.. so we jus shopped in marina for lik an hour den went to hv dinner.. lotsa shops having SALE lor!! sadly i din manage to get anitng.. cos dey din hv my size.. stupid lor.. wad's e pt of havin a sale whn dey onli sell all e big sizes.. grrr..

anw got sm photos to upload..

Gerberra dear gave me for anni..
he's sucha sweetie.. =)

Enormous Fish n' Chips from Botak Jones
rating: 7/10
be sure to ask for less fries

hilarious comic strip made by me.. haha..

12:06 am

Y Wednesday, October 17, 2007

argh.. my stupid com got prob.. page always cant load.. haiz.. cant reali upload pics n blog much.. whn i get to use another com den blog ba.. ciaoz..

9:38 pm


4:19 pm

Y Monday, October 08, 2007

once again u left me all alone.. signed out from msn n till now nt even a call or sms from u.. last nite u tel me u feel super tired.. u need to rest early so i let u rest.. yet todae though ur stomach din feel well u din wanna slp early.. n y? cos u don hv sch tml.. n u wanna play ur fuckin soccer game or watch tv.. don u tink u're being extremely selfish? when ever u hv sch e nx time u slp early.. giving me e excuse tat u nd to wake up early e nx dae.. n at times lik fri whn u don nd to wake up early e nx dae u also slp early.. n e reason is cos u woke up early on friday.. if tat is e case den how come u're nt sleeping early todae since u woke up early todae? hahaha.. full of excuses..

u're not tired.. u jus make up excuses jus to go to slp.. or who knows mayb u din slp.. u were playin ur game.. if u don wanna talk to me den pls just tel me str.. don cook up so many excuses.. if u could sacrifice ur sleeping time to play ur game n to watch tv.. i don c y u cant sacrifice ur time for me.. i'm not askin u to slp late every nite.. onli on tat nite whn i was sad n i needed ur comfort e most.. yet u chose sleep over me.. am i tat unimportant to u?

i noe u've changed.. u've become sweeter.. but i jus don like e fact tat u're always jus throwing me aside.. if u genuinely wanna slp i'm ok wif it.. but i'm not happy tat u can sacrifice ur slp for other stuff except me.. haiz.. nvm.. guess no matter wad i sae u can jus nv usd or c wad exactly is wrong.. i give up.. u do wad u wan..

11:21 pm

Y Sunday, October 07, 2007

argh.. todae's sun alr.. so super fast.. n tml dere's sch AGAIN.. sian.. i din even go town tis wkend.. rotted at home wif dear on sat.. rented e movie 'Pathfinder'.. not v nice though.. den jus watched shows on channel 5.. n sat was over jus lidat.. lol..

todae went to e gym wif dear n his dad.. den we swimming.. feel rather tired now.. though i din reali exercise much.. haha.. dear sae he's feeling sick again.. i also duno wad's wrong wif him.. every wk he complains tat he's sick.. n he's constantly feeling tired.. tired tired tired.. also duno y.. how can a normal person keep falling sick every wk? not v normal rite.. also duno is he reali sick or jus feeling tired.. smtimes i reali suspect he doesnt reali noe hw to deferentiate btw tired n sian & btw tired n sick.. if u're sick it'l last at least a few days.. u nd to take medicine den u get better.. but tis is not e case for him.. he feels sick.. take medicine.. next dae he'l b ok.. haha.. weird sia..

i read in a book tat when u quarrel wif ur bf.. u should always sit down talk abt the prob n solve e prob.. n e next time u quarrel.. u shouldnt b bringing up e past problems n quarrel abt it again.. once u've solved it u shld jus move on n not bring it up again.. if each time u quarrel abt smth n u hv to bring up e past problems den tis would defintely make e quarrel worse n cause a strain in e rls.. however, tis doesnt apply to my rls wif andy.. we quarrel abt problem A n while we quarrel we bring up e past problem; problem B.. thus, our quarrels would turn ugly.. n most of e time its nt reali solved..

n i've uploaded pics taken during our scrumptious marche dinner n ice cream dessert

sinful ice cream
flavour: cookies & choco, lemon sorbet, mint choco

chicken breast chop n 2 scoops of lip smacking mash potatoes

mouthwatering fish fillet

tastes nicer with the chili sauce

8:38 pm

Y Friday, October 05, 2007

I AM FREAKIN BORED!!! ARGH!!! i'm sitting in e lib waiting for andy to finish his tuition.. todae e time seems to pass exceptionally slow.. don ask me y.. i'm goin crazy soon.. e clock is tickin SUPER SLOWLY away.. haiz.. n its freezin cold here la.. its 7.57pm.. n he stil hasnt called me.. grrr.. wonder if he has finished tuition.. he shld b done by now.. lalalalalala.. somebody pls save me! SMS (save my soul)!! haha..

gonna watch resident evil later.. duno nice or not.. heard from wl its not nice.. e movie review rated tis show with onli 2 popcorns.. rather pathetic.. but stil i'm gonna watch it.. watched e previous 2 parts.. don wanna miss e 3rd part.. hehe.. my gv membership card is stil not ready for collection la.. n dey claimed tat dey would notify me on e location to collect the card one dae aft registration.. but til now stil no news.. i emailed dem to enquire abt e card.. n dey needed 10 days to ractify the problem la.. siao.. 10 days!! madness manz.. if not for their maketing associate jason i would not even wanna apply for this card la.. so disappointed in them.. i tot dey should be efficient abt tis membership card tingy.. oh well i'l jus hv to cont waiting.. sianz..

its 8.01pm n stil no news from andy.. grrr.. i'm waiting.... waiting... waiting..

7:53 pm

Y Tuesday, October 02, 2007

how many of u out dere do not know the meaning of 'hooked up'? i believe 9 out of 10 would know e meaning rite? if u tel me ur eng is rather weak or u're chi educated den acceptatble tat u do not know e meaning.. but for sm1 who has a diploma n is now is a uni its hard to believe he doesnt noe e meanin..

i seriously duno wad made u put tat.. u tel me u duno e meanin of hooked up.. but hw can tat be?? if u tink tat hooked up means met randomly den y din u put tat for other ppl? y onli jieying u put u hooked up wif her? wth la.. u might as well put u're in a rls wif her n tel me u duno wad is the meaning of relationship.. wad's e pt of telling me u'l change it aft i hv discovered it? wad i wan to noe is y u put tat n not for u to change it now.. don tel me u were once WITH her..

i reali feel like calling u now to scold u.. but knowing tat u nd to go to sch tml i control my temper.. i don wan us to quarrel.. i don wan us to fight n break up again.. so i shall give u e benefit of the doubt.. i can tel tat u're changing n u're tryin ur best to be sweet to me.. n i appreciate tat.. i hope in future i would not find animore of these kinda suprises.. once is ENOUGH.. either u lose her or u lose me.. think thru who's more impt to u n make ur decision.. u cant hv both..



11:46 pm

Y Monday, October 01, 2007

i'm reali down on my luck these few days.. i've got injuries all over my body.. tons of blueblack on my leg.. which i cant rmb how did i get it.. den a nice n sharp hp box fell onto my left foot.. e sharp edge of e box hit str on my poor foot.. tis is tks to sm clever person called andy.. n e worse ting is he din even apologise aft e box hit me.. he started laughing non stop.. tks a million la reali.. humph.. =X den e bone of the same left foot duno y hurts alot.. esp painful whn i press against it.. prob cos i always wear heels.. now i cant wear heels.. hv no choice but to wear my trustworthy birks.. hee.. gonna get a pair of flats from m)phosis.. *cheers* =D nt tat i'm spendthrift.. but its a necessity ar.. if i con'd to wear my heels my foot would get worse.. n in e long run my bone may b crooked n i would not b able to walk anm.. thus.. i NEED to get a new pair of flats.. hehe.. anw it isnt v ex la.. won spend more den $25 on it ya.. heeex...

my right hand has 2 injuries too.. my baby finger got pricked my e needle jus now as i was sewing dear's wrist band n accidentally poke it while keeping e needle.. haiz.. so careless of me.. but no complaints dere.. cos i did all these for my DARLIN ms DEE!! =] n while bathing at dee's hse todae i accidentally touched e metal part of e heater.. n got my finger burnt.. sigh..

seriously i'm down on my luck la.. nd to go do sm gd deeds so hopefully my luck would improve.. yup.. but dee's been SUPER DUPER sweet to me.. so i don mind getting tons of injuries in exchange for his sweetness.. hehe.. went vivo wif him on fri.. had a reali wonderful time.. wil talk more abt it whn i upload e photos..

9:31 pm

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