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17 March 88



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Y Monday, November 30, 2009

was filled wif anticipation to play l4d2 todae but it turned out to b a disappointment.. not tat e game wasnt fun but it was extremely laggy and it took us 15 min to solve e server error ting.. so we only played for an hour and headed to PRIZE STAGE.. ive been eyeing on e cinnamonroll since duno whn so we decided to try our luck.. and i mus sae we're DAMN lucky lor! we only spent $2 to catch tat huge cinnamonroll!!! e toy actually retails for $30.. im FATED to have e toy.. lol.. e toy is so cute la! n i esp love e 2 hearts on its ears.. e big one represents babe while e tiny one represents me.. haha..
tks baby for catching e toy for me!!! ure my destiny!! I LOVE U!! =))

12:35 am

Y Sunday, November 29, 2009

caught the movie NEW MOON a few days ago and it was a far cry from what i had expected.. e movie was draggy and boring.. halfway thru e movie i was alr falling asleep.. wad was worse was the horrible audiences tat were in the cinema.. they laughed loudly and one lady actually exclaimed "what? the show finish already ar?" when the show ended.. like WTF la.. she tinks tat she's watchin the movie in her home isit? totally uncivilised and outrageous!

1:49 am

Y Saturday, November 28, 2009

went to shop for xmas & bdae present and i spent close to $100 bucks.. managed to get presents for quite a no of ppl le bt i stil left 3 more presents b4 my xmas shopping can b considered complete.. bought a lil xmas gift for myself too.. MAC eyebrow pencil + large hoop ear rings.. festive season plus bdaes r burning a hole in my pocket..


cant resist the temptation of BEN & JERRY ice cream.. haha.. the choco flavoured ice creams r sinfully rich in chocolate.. BEN & JERRY'S ice cream is still no. 1 on my list! =)

12:33 am

Y Thursday, November 26, 2009


those i promised to shun all toy catcher machines but i failed to keep my promise cos the tempatation was definitely too great for me to resist.. esp whn u c such cute toys in displayed in the machines.. u noe u jus hv to give dem a home! haha.. spent quite a far bit of money on the machines but only spent $3 each to catch these 2 toys tks to the helpful lady who wks there..

melody peeking outta my bag.. how adorable!

kitty wanting to take barbie's plane.. lol..

12:12 am

Y Monday, November 23, 2009

my steamboat dinner turned out to be seafood dinner instead.. lol.. got cheated.. went to sheng shiong to get e stuff for cooking.. i had nth better to do there so i jus snap pictures of live tortoises and frogs.. lol.. we ate an array of seafood ranging from crabs to gong gong to sotong etc.. seafood dinner is definitely way better den steamboat.. im totally not a steamboat or buffet person..

wore my new cap out todae.. my virgin experience.. lol.. babe's jealous of my cool cap so he stole it from me.. haha..

12:55 am

Y Sunday, November 22, 2009

bought a customised cap from far east plaza.. kinda pissed wif e guy who sells e caps.. b4 i left e shop i told him specifically tat i wanted PINK for e wordings.. & he agreed to do so.. but whn i went back to collect my cap to my horror e words were in silver.. when i went to confront him he claimed tat pink won go well wif black n silver was a better choice.. wtf la! hw can he change e colour of e words without my knowledge!! now my cap looks so dull.. sianz..

1:26 am

Y Friday, November 20, 2009

totally love my long hair! =)

ate tis prawn mee @ ion's foodcourt.. tot it was nice but turned out to b a disappointment..

8:58 pm

Y Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my super cool AHLETTE cap

PEARLYN my new hairstylist

had fun kite flying @ BARRAGE.. stood in e sun for almost an hour & i got a free TAN.. sianz.. im getting more n more dark.. only managed to get my kite high up into e sky twice.. my kite sucks.. each time its high up it'l come diving nose down for no apparent reason.. and to make tings worse it got suck in e solar panels so i cant retrieve it and had to leave it behind.. lol.. in future i shall not b thrifty and get a better kite instead of a $5 kite which won fly..

dinner at tis restaurant called JAPANESE CASUAL DINING @ ION.. food is not too bad.. better den SAKAE but e garlic rice stil cant beat SHIN KUSHIYA or SUSHI TEI.. e mango yakult drink tat dey serve is pretty nice though.. & i finally tried e famous takopachi in ION.. its damn superb la! nw i noe y there's always a long queue.. outter layer is extremely crispy and u cant even taste e veg tat dey put inside..

12:00 am

Y Monday, November 16, 2009

i was warned tat e movie is great but to my disappointment, e movie was totally not up to my expectations.. its not great jus mediocre.. story wise is ok la.. predictable plot.. main actors wld usually survive the attack as in most movies.. e movie failed to keep me at e edge of my seat.. it was kinda draggy too.. halfway thru e movie i was alr wondering when it was gonna end..

11:28 pm

Y Sunday, November 15, 2009

went on a lil shopping trip wif my mom.. shopping wif parents are always great cos u get to buy stuff without having to fork out a single cent.. hee.. din buy alot of stuff todae but im pretty happy wif e stuff i bought.. i bought a DIOR lipstick.. its more of a lipgloss texture but has a lipstick packing.. e colour is v natural n it shines, instantly brightens up my face..
saw a furry cushion cover with heart shapes on it & i knew i had to get it.. haha.. its reali soft to e touch.. and e furry texture is v suitable for hugging in tis cold weather..

2:17 am

Y Friday, November 13, 2009

jus received my gorgeous UOB LADY'S card.. *cheers* its kinda special cos e person who present u e card can actually sign off with their name at e corner of the card.. mines given by my mom.. =)

11:22 pm

Y Wednesday, November 11, 2009

played a total of 4 bowling games each and it caused me to have swollen finger.. hai.. sad manz.. bt funny ting is i din have a muscle ache e nx dae.. haha.. mayb i shld focus on being greatful for tat & not sulk cos of my swollen finger.. anw here are our BEST SCORES outta e 4 games.. =)

12:08 am

Y Monday, November 09, 2009

needless for me to elaborate i believe majority would noe wad the story is about.. as usual the focus on killing people in an innovative way that is full of gore.. e starting of the movie was alr extremely brutal & gory.. the movie is definitely not for the squeamish & faint of heart.. haha.. its already the 6th sequel to the movie wonder when would the story end.. i tink its has dragged on for far too long..

10:59 pm

Y Sunday, November 08, 2009

another round of supper @ geylang 126 wif terence, irene and babe.. we've visited tis tim sum countless times le.. haha.. its our fave supper haunt.. haha.. n without fail, we'll always order e same dishes..

12:58 pm

Y Wednesday, November 04, 2009

driving was hilarious todae.. my instructor kept laughin beside me & constantly scaring me for nth.. crappy la.. lol.. i finally drove on the road todae! woopeee! was kinda worried at first but wasnt as BAD as i tot it wld b la.. at least i din end up wif a major accident.. haha.. & best of all i cleared 3 topics of the lesson todae.. if i can cont tis den i'l clear my driving in no time.. lol..

10:37 pm

Y Monday, November 02, 2009

here r my halloween pics!! i noe its kinda late but better late den never rite? haha.. we took 100++ pics bt im seriously too lazy to upload all cos its reali sucha hassle.. celebrated halloween @ sentosa's SPOOKTACULAR.. its actually a walk thru haunted house but b4 u even enter the hse, there're alr many ghosts & ghouls lurking outside and crawling up to u whn u least expect.. haha.. i mus sae tat e event crew reali did a great job in bringing the scary atmosphere into the air.. special mention of the guy who acted as e OILY MAN.. boy is he gd manz! scare e hell outta many ppl.. lol..

11:42 pm


andy swears by FRUITS

my new LEOPARD PRINGS top.. =))

us gals camwhoring.. took tons of pics but lazy to upload all..

spent my sunday having HIGH TEA @ ELLENBOROUGH MARKET.. ate satay prawns, bread & butter pudding etc.. den had dinner at Cartel.. fri i ate at kim gary followed by ding tai fung for dinner on sat.. hw am i gonna lose any wt at e rate im eating.. haiz.. but its a bliss to eat la.. lol..

1:32 am

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