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17 March 88



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Y Thursday, November 29, 2007

met up wif wan wan on wed n shopped e whole of orchard!
pic taken in front of my fave white xmas tree in wisma =)
went orchard wif dear yst.. both of us din go to sch.. hehe.. its was e first time dear n me actually stayed in town for more than 5 hours.. lol.. its a record manz!! dear's been reali sweet n i love him to bits! we went to eat e yun tun mee in heeren.. reali yummy! n dear even bought me a singlet from pull n bear.. =D
love love!! =)

9:58 pm

Y Wednesday, November 28, 2007

every1 seems to be filled with happiness in their rls.. mine? so so.. i noe his putting in e effort.. i appreciate it.. reali.. but i stil envy those lovey dovey couples.. where their bf surprises dem wif gifts or go e extra mile to make them happy.. classmate of mine celebrated their anni.. n her bf bought her tis limited ed missy elliot bag which she has been eyein on for a long time.. n tat bag costs him $202.. its not cos of e price which makes it extra special.. but its e fact tat he bothered to take note of wad she liked n surprised her wif e gift.. sigh.. sooo sweet.. i wrote down one whole list of stuff tat i wanted for our 1 yr anni.. but i received none.. ya i noe he brought me to an expensive restaurant.. but its 1 yr anni for god sake.. i wan it to b memorable.. argh nvm.. he won usd.. tired.. shall up load e pics frm super import nights den i'l hit e sack..

11:39 pm

Y Tuesday, November 27, 2007

went to watch enchanted yst at vivo.. its a heartwarming yet hilarious show.. u get to know what true love is.. n kiss is the greatest ting on earth.. hehe.. true love is whereby one is willing to go to great lenghts just to make u happy.. ur smile means e most to him n only ur one true love is able to wake u up from terrible dreams with just a kiss.. loving one person & keeping it in ur heart n not tellin e person doesnt mean e person knows hw u feel.. let ur feelings known n constantly tel ur loved ones how much u love dem is v impt.. so all lovers out dere rmb to tel ur bf/gf u love dem at least once a day ya.. =D

9:15 pm

Y Saturday, November 24, 2007

woke up early tis morning with a sharp pain in my left eye.. looked into e mirror and to my shock and horror my eye was super red.. n e eyeball seems lik there was excess fluid in it.. and when i looked left, e eye lining seems to be crumpled.. scary ya? was so afraid is sm kind of serious infection so i quickly went to c a doc.. thank god it was just sore eye.. hehe.. now its much better le.. not so red n its no longer crumpled.. yay! a bottle of eye drop plus consultation fee cost me $24 bucks.. so i'm stucked at home todae.. cant wear my contacts.. neither can i go out.. so sad.. =( hate it manz.. y mus e sore eye hit me during e weekend? y couldnt it come during sch days so i could take mc n not go sch.. sianz.. came at sucha wrong time..
everything just seems to come at e wrong time.. nth seems to be goin rite for me these few days.. went to chinatown tat dae hoping to get gems to sew on my tube.. but sadly e black gems were all SOLD OUT! wth.. went orchard yst to look at e dazzling xmas lights.. its reali pretty.. wanted to buy m)phosis slippers.. but e design i wanted din hv my size.. so i walked all e way from taka to plaza sing.. dey din hv my size either.. talking abt bad luck huh.. so i got another similar design which has glitter on it.. better den nth la.. lol.. n i quarrelled wif my bf tis morning.. jus cant seem to make him usd wad e hell was wrong.. he seems to be from another planet.. simple stuff he should do yet he duno.. basic human reaction yet he got it all wrong.. haiz.. sick n tired.. reali tired le..

1:56 pm

Y Monday, November 19, 2007

went to bugis wif my mummy on sat n i bought tons of stuff!! bought a midnight blue shirt for onli $10 bucks, pair of skinny jeans, a hp pouch n mphosis bag.. wohooo!! extremely elated la!! hehehe.. =D

yst went to vivo to watch e game plan.. its a reali nice show.. those of u who have not watch should go catch e movie.. i'l give it a rating of 8/10 popcorns.. its funny at e start n touchin at e ending.. reali worth watching.. wanted to take pic of the 10 storey high xmas tree.. but sadly its not done yet.. its half done onli.. doesnt reali look like its 10 storeys high to me.. but oh well.. its definitely huge!

11:49 pm

Y Thursday, November 15, 2007

faux lashes are a trend now thus i also got my pair of faux lashes.. hehe.. super cheap la.. online $2.45 from sasa.. but not v sure how to put it on.. hope i won make a mess out of it.. hehe.. wil take a pic of myself whn i manage to stick e lashes on.. =D
ljs has tis new fiery chicken meal.. went to try it during dinner.. tastes not bad.. however e chicken is so puny.. n they gave tons of fries.. i'l rather have more chix den fries.. fries r super fattening!! (not like e chicken isnt la) haha..

10:06 pm


i am desperately looking for a midnight blue tube lined with gems!! saw it online but its alr sold out.. went to search at far east n bugis but to no avail.. anione who knows where i could get it PLEASE inform me okie? reali reali appreciate it!!! =)

12:11 am

Y Tuesday, November 13, 2007


celebrated our anni by goin to secret garden for dinner.. its a reali secretive place la.. so hard to find.. had to walk so far jus to get there.. but e ambience is good.. other den tat everything else sucks.. food is ex.. portion is small.. plus service sucks.. i ordered ice lemon tea.. whn my drink came i took a sip of it n it tasted horrible.. it was super bland.. taste like plain water plus lemon.. n i was thinkin if they had ani syrup tat i could use to make it sweeter.. den another table also ordered e same drink.. n guess wad.. they were served the drink tgt wif syrup.. like wth la.. how come mine did not have?? so i asked for it.. n e waiter was lik rather reluctant to give me.. but in e end stil gave me a lil cup of syrup.. nw it tasted so much better though not sweet enuf.. tat stupid drink cost me $6.50.. cheapest main cost there was $20.. i ordered cod fish which cost $30 n dear ordered chicken breast $20.. our total bill amounted to $60++!! i would definitely not go there anm..

rating for secret garden: 3/10


i went china town on sun.. bought quite a no of stuff.. the old shop houses have been renovated and to my surprise there r a handful of shops which sells rather fashionable clothes.. n they even sell skinny jeans there.. so prob could go there to shop in future e prices shld b much cheaper compared to far east n bugis village.. plus aft shoppin u cld go to the mei wei yuan for desert.. hehe..

11:44 pm

Y Saturday, November 10, 2007

finally all my tests are over!! haha.. i'm free!! yay!! went to the SUPER IMPORT NIGHT aft my test todae.. saw quite a no of fabulously modified cars n the fave car of many, EVO 10.. haha.. not my fave though.. nv liked evo.. tink its too boxy look.. not sleek n stylish.. my fave is INTEGRA TYPE R! wo de zui ai! =D the highlight was the drift show.. there were two silvias S14 n S13, one evo n one tiny car.. duno wad car is tat.. the drifting was rather thrilling.. wif dust flying.. tires screeching.. cars competing with each other.. so much better den paying 10 bucks jus to see cars which cant move.. but of cos the guys would enjoy it for they get to see the 8 imported models.. out of e 8 models onli one was pretty.. e rest cant make it.. sadly when i reached expo took out my camera den i realised that my camera was low batt.. so cant upload the pics yet.. have to wait for my fren to send me den wil post it up..

for now, i'l upload the pics i took whn i went to farm mart on thurs.. a lil family day.. plus photos of peggy my bf's stinky dog but kinda cute at times.. n my lunch for wed, botak jones and last but not least my bf's new shirt from revoltage..

12:06 am

Y Tuesday, November 06, 2007

relationships are so fragile.. people jus break up like nobody's business.. even e rate of married couples divorcing has risen over the years.. yesterday i've witnessed 2 couples breaking up.. one is real life and 1 from tv..

the real one is my bf's cousin.. he was tgt wif his gf for over 5 yrs ever since they were in sec sch.. stayed tgt for many yrs in the gal's hse b4 getting registered a yr ago.. was supposed to hold their wedding in dec tis year.. but guy has a change of heart.. has fallen for a prettier gal n is calling off e wedding.. n todae dey went to sign the divorce papers.. hw sad is tat.. i can imagine how heart broken e gal is..

next case i saw on tv during the 7 oclock show.. e husband called jian er has been wif his wife for over 10 years.. along came tis pretty n sexy gal joe.. after seeing her for a no of times n is smitten by her.. she's constantly on his mind.. his wife treats him superbly well yet he isnt appreciative at all.. n he's ruining their marriage jus cos of a gal he hardly knows.. its scary how people change so fast.. tat person could be lovin u n e nx moment he could fall for another person..

nowadays there's no guarantee.. even if u're married doesnt mean u can live happily tgt forever.. seeing all these stuff happen reali makes me have many doubts abt marriage.. it makes me scared n worried how my rls would be like few years down e rd.. i don wanna be wif my bf for lik 5 yrs get married n thereafter he falls for another gal n everything jus crumbles in an instant.. mayb nt getting married would be a better choice.. there's no commitment.. n its easier to seperate when one party strays..

11:43 pm

Y Sunday, November 04, 2007

i'm so bored so bored so bored.. haiz.. sianz.. don feel like sleeping yet.. but i've got nothin to do.. andy as usually has alr gone to bed.. complains he's sick so he needs to slp early.. haha.. i should be used to it by nw actually.. but have i? guess not.. jus tat i cant complain..

y am i w andy anw? isit cos he constantly showers me with lotsa love n care? or isit cos he usd me n gives me wad i wan? i don tink so.. i guess tis is true love rite? though tat person doesnt show u e same amt of love, isnt v concern about u yet u stil love him n stick wif him..

all along i've NEVER had to love a guy more den he loves me.. all my ex bfs pampered me n treats me like a princess.. they make me feel reali loved n i reali feel wanted whenever i'm wif dem.. tink now is my retribution rite.. to have to love a guy more den he loves me.. show him lotsa care n concern.. putting more effort into tis rls den he does.. its indeed very tiring.. i wonder how long i can keep tis up..

10:54 pm


e-learning wk is comin to an end.. haiz.. so fast! i did nth productive e whole week.. other den yst n todae where is studied for my test after procrastinating for god noes how long.. haha.. hmmm lets see wad i did e whole week...


- had lunch wif andy's dad

- went lot 1 hoping to go kbox but to my dismay kbox no longer exists

- den went jurong east n watched e show ferryman. show was ok la.. not as bad as it seems.. story kinda interesting act.. unexpected story line.. haha..


- had lunch wif andy's dad again at west coast

- den went to keppel club n played jackpot

- n we won 70 bucks! woohooo! =)

- went gym in e nite


- finally got to go kbox todae. sang from 2-530

- tot wif e discount voucher i could pay less but instead i had to pay almost the same price

total amt paid: drink 6++ , kbox card $5 , tidbit $2.50 , GST duno hw much

our naughty face! -.-


- got a new hair cut!!! kidna short actually cos there're many layers.. but its nice n trendy.. lol.. love KIT (my hairstylist) to bits! always manages to give me a lovely hair cut..

my new hair do!


- went to andy's lecture. finally managed to c jamica.. better den how i imagined her to be like.. i tot she's e tomboyish kind but she's actually kinda girlish.. but din get to c her cherry QQ bf.. lol.. - went to marina to watch SAW 4! managed to sneak in though its a R21 movie.. luckily dey din check my ic.. wahahaha..
- MUJI has a new outlet in marina sq located opp levis shop

sat n sun


so tats basically my schedule for e entire e-learning.. if u did notice, i actually did NOT manage to do ani shopping.. which is wad i LURVE MOST.. tats sad ya.. haiz.. went to far east yet could not even shop.. yes i did go to town.. but i din reali get to shop.. i went to far east for my hair cut n saw lotsa new stuff dere.. tats whn i realised tat its been ages since i last stepped into far east.. so many new clothes yet i've yet to shop.. haiz.. i miss far east.. i wanna get new clothes.. haiz.. I WISH I WISH FOR MORE CLOTHES!


to andy: pls do not complain to me u hv not enuf time to study anm ok.. n do not make it sound like its all my fault tat u do not have time.. u do hv lotsa time to study.. but instead of studyin u do other stuff lik sleeping, playing game, watch tv.. u don wanna make full use of ur time to study tats ur prob n not my fault.. all i can do is remind u to study.. i jus do not like it whn u're not happy wif urself for not studyin e whole wk den u come complain to me n push e blame to me.. in future, if u wanna complain, pls tink twice ok.. if its reali my fault i'l definitely admit.. if nt den pls go do some soul searching..

4:40 pm

Y Thursday, November 01, 2007

doing your part n putting in effort is not enuf.. because it takes TWO hands to clap.. its also not good enuf when e other party cant c wad u hv done n looks at u with tinted glasses..

i don understand wad goes on in ur head.. neither do i noe how much u value our rls.. tel me u love me alot over sms for wad? its uselss ok.. doesnt show e least bit tat u love me or value our rls.. i duno hw to get my massage across to u.. i duno hw to phrase it den u'l usd n get my pt.. its jus difficult to communicate wif u.. i tried my best to do so e past months.. but guess i stil failed..

12:18 am

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