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17 March 88



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Y Sunday, November 23, 2008

i nv knew such ignorance actually existed till e day i met u.. i must say u're such an eye-opener.. haha.. saying all those senseless things jus makes u look reali stupid n naive & i seriously cant believe it came from a 21yr old guy.. i tot by goin to e army u wld have at least matured a bit but think u've became more ignorant den b4.. do u think tat u n ur parents can survive merely on ur pathetic $800 a mth? did u tink tat living expenses cost only $800?? n u tell us u wanna own a car asap.. so how soon is tat? in 2-3 yrs time? mayb by then u wld have saved the down payment for the car den did u think hw r u gonna support urself n e car? do u think ur starting pay is enuf to sustain ur living expenses?? pls don tink tat jus cos u have a few 1000 bucks in ur account means its a big deal.. wad can u do wif tat puny amount of money?

so can u pls do sm homework b4 saying all those stuff and make urself a laughingstock.. i may not be v experienced in life but at least i noe e basic cost of living and tat definitely is not $800.. to support urself is prob enuf cos u're in e army now.. but definitely not enuf to support ur parents and e household.. so b4 u wanna tel us more of ur life plan pls think it thru ur mind and save urself from some embarrassment.. saying all those stuff reali doesnt make u look more sensible but rather makes u look shallow n ignorant.. i think u seriously need help, u cant possibly live e rest of ur life in tis fairyland.. pls grow up!!!

1:33 am

Y Saturday, November 22, 2008

changed a new theme for my finger nails.. this time its lace & crystals! fab looking! but its seriously such a chore to do it myself.. its freaking time consuming to keep paint n decorate dem.. plus removing the previous nail polish is reali tough esp if u paint red or have glitter nail polish.. its so much more relaxing to let the manicurist do the job.. haha.. but sadly don hv so much money to spend so gotta do it myself.. haha.. tis time i painted e tip of my nail wif clear glitter nail polish den added lace stickers to my nails n crystals to bling it.. looks kinda like acrylic nails but its 100% my real nail ok!! haha.. 2 of my nails is slightly broken so i use e sticker to keep it in place temporarily.. hopefully it doesnt break fully..

1:40 am

Y Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i duno am i lucky or unlucky la.. within the span of one hr n i met the parking attendant TWICE!! wth la.. aft gym went to e car park n there was the parking attendant n we were bit late but tk god e sweet attendant din give us a summon.. hehe.. den drove to bukit timah for supper n while we were abt to turn into e car park there were 2 of dem right in front of us turning into e same area.. talking abt unlucky sia.. n to make things worse we din have ani night coupon.. but heng dey went to another car park further in so we din get a summon! heng ar.. i reali don wanna pay $30 manz.. we alr had a summon few wks b4.. hahaha..


11:44 pm

Y Thursday, November 13, 2008

cant belive how fast time has passed.. it has alr been 2 yrs since e day we got tgt.. though i constantly grumble but trust me when i sae im happy being with u.. =)
celebrated our anni todae n went to taka e sushi tei for lunch.. super yummy food but rather ex compared to sakae.. but surprisingly e bill din exceed $50 bucks so still affordable la considering e fact tat we ordered abt 5 dishes.. sushi tei is stil e best i must sae.. haha.. n i finally got to eat my fave silver cod fish.. simply overjoyed!! hahaha.. =)

agedashi tofu

all time fave - silver cod fish terriyaki!! superb~
garlic fried rice is a must try

Madagascar cast! smart penguins and alex e lion!!

11:34 pm

Y Sunday, November 09, 2008

crystal jade's xiao long bao

crystal jade's standard has dropped recently.. e xiao long bao is horrible lor.. it has an ugly shape plus there's no soup inside.. its freaking dry when u bite into it.. nv eat their xiao long bao!!! ting tai feng is stil my fave.. yummy juicy xiao long bao n i love their prawn cake n fried rice.. yum! =)

permed my hair again using ceramic perm cos e previous one wasnt well done n there were totally no curls.. tis ceramic perm turned out much better.. but bit too curly for my liking.. n e process is scary la.. first they had to put tis chemical on my hair to soften my hair den followed by perming my hair using those wires as seen in the pic above.. when e rollers were being heated up its kinda hot.. some of the rollers touched my scalp n i tot my scalp wld be scalded by the hot rollers but tk god it din.. haha..

my new permed hair & cutie MY MELODY - present from dear for anni =))

12:48 am

Y Monday, November 03, 2008

went shopping wif yan li todae bought quite a no of stuff.. but sadly its not for me.. haha.. these r all presents for dear dear on our 2yr anni!!! =)
been quite smtime since i last bought him gifts.. his usually e one who'l buy me presents on those significant days.. so now its time for me to play my part as a gf.. hahaha.. =D
lotsa celebrations coming in the following months n its gonna make me real broke.. first up is our anni.. followed by cousin n fren's bdae.. den xmas.. vdae.. n lastly both our bdaes in march..
tk god nx yr e chi new yr is in jan.. super early.. so can receive lotsa ang bao money!! n i cant wait to get new clothes n shoe for e new yr!!! =))

10:55 pm

Y Saturday, November 01, 2008

done up my nails wif pretty lace n ribbon nail art

my permed hair =)

singlet from mango

new fendi spy bag! hahaha..

2:58 am

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