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17 March 88



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Y Wednesday, August 27, 2008

jus got home from supper.. went to bedok wif jimmy jie mei n andy to eat e famous SOUP bak chor mee! e soup is reali tasty.. normal bar chor mee is dry but tis one is different from the normal ones.. its soup base.. reali gd.. gotta wait at least 15-20 mins lor.. but worth e wait la.. chicken wings there oso not bad.. 90cents each.. cheap n nice.. haha..

i received a pleasant surprise when i reached home.. looked out of my window n saw e words 'Happy Bdae' formed using candles at the rooftop of my hse e car park.. though not meant for me but i tink its a reali sweet gift.. special n romantic.. nv seen such a ting in my 7 yrs of stay here.. usually tis is wad u c in shows.. haha..

managed to upload e pics from my iphone to e com le! yay~

here are some pics i took using my phone:

1:09 am

Y Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lalalala~ my new baby - IPHONE!!! =)))
my baby arrived earlier den expected.. got it on sun.. super happy!!!
but haven reali configured it yet.. so far only less den 10 contacts in my hp.. too lazy to key it into e com den sync wif phone.. haha..
cant use e internet n stuff yet.. wil subscribe to e bundle tingy soon to enjoy all e functions.. =]
took some beautiful nite scenary using my iphone at west coast park jus now.. but duno can upload to e com not.. i shall go try first.. if can den wil upload another dae..
din noe west coast had such great scenary til todae.. in e past they had tis fence up so u cant c e sea.. nw u can n e lights r beautiful! luckily we drove to west coast for a lil walk aft supper or i wld hv taken a longer time to discover it.. haha..
I find comfort in your arms..
feels reali comfortable to be in ur arms,
lie down n gaze upon e stars..
hope we'l b able to do it more often!

12:17 am

Y Thursday, August 21, 2008


i'm friggin friggin pissed off @ singtel.. seriously wad is wrong wif them la.. they wanna make money fine go ahead.. i don care.. but at least make the rules n regulations for purchasing the iphone clear la.. don waste my time go reserve e phone, make appt den tel me maybe i won be able to purchasing the phone wif e phone plan.. don tel me MAYBE! give me a definite ans!

anw i'm not e only one who's complainin.. there's another guy infront of me in e queue also scolding the customer service officer.. smth to do wif iphone too..

oh well.. now i can only wait til nx thurs for my appt wif singtel.. hopefully nth goes wrong.. i'l keep my fingers crossed!!

10:25 pm

Y Monday, August 18, 2008


i've got a SERIOUS craving for TIRaMISU!!
been quite sometime since i last had a reali mouth-watering one..
used to order from tis webby called tiramisutra but sadly they've closed down.. so til now have yet to find one which can match up to their standard..
coffeebean's one is tooo dry.. bakerzin one is so so only..
i love my tira to be filled with liquor.. mMmM.. yumm.. =)
mayb nx week wil go over to dempsey there c if ani of the restaurants or cafe sells nice tiramisu..

oh ya.. e other dae i tried the french desert located in citylink.. its yummy.. they have many interesting creations.. price is reasonable.. if u've not tried it yet its worth a try!

11:11 pm

Y Sunday, August 17, 2008

had my virgin experience of eating turtle soup.. soup is supposed to be v nutritional as its brewed with tons of herbs.. e meat is ok la.. kinda tough.. skin is soft.. overall would rate it a 6/10.. haha..

at e same time, i also went to the flyer.. wasnt as fun as i tot it would be.. merely jus a 30-min ride to view the scenery of Singapore.. nothing fantastic.. mayb the nite view would have been better.. but of cos u gotta go with the right person.. as for me.. i went with the wrong person.. thus din have a v pleasant ride..

anw thru all my past experiences, i've learnt tat i'm not fated to celebrate special occasions.. each time i celebrated smth i always ended up being disappointed.. so might as well not do ani celebrations as normal days are much happier.. y bother to celebrate n end up feeling disappointed.. rather have smooth sailing days.. beats e feeling of dejection..

12:50 pm

Y Tuesday, August 12, 2008

omg iphone is coming!!!!!!!!
cant wait!!!
received email from singtel with the comfirmed launch date le.. but i shall not tell u all!!! lol.. aftall it has not been announce to e press so i shall keep my mouth shut too.. =)
hopefully would be able to purchase it wif dear's phone plan.. if not i'l cry manz..
reserved 2 sets but only one plan which we can use to purchase e phone.. hmmm.. headache manz.. wil go try n hunt for another plan.. hahaha..

11:37 pm

Y Sunday, August 10, 2008

presents i received this week!! =)))
super duper happy!!

lil' surprise gift dear prepared for me! =)

A pAir of sparkly diamOnD ear rings

super early 21st bDaE present from aunt

11:51 pm

Y Monday, August 04, 2008

Love is like a rose,
In e begining its beautiful,
full of life..
It'll wither & die sooner or later..

10:41 pm

Y Sunday, August 03, 2008

me & my LOVELY cousin =))

2:09 pm

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