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17 March 88



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Y Saturday, May 30, 2009

exams r finally over hooray!!!! no longer have to mug everydae & im gonna stay away from libraries from now on.. haha.. freedom never tasted better..

went to e new mall ILLUMA.. it strikes a sharp resemblance to THE CATHAY.. mayb dey're both under the same management.. its more of a food heaven and not so much for the shopaholics.. i like the rooftop garden though.. one can get a nice view of bugis from there.. =)

had our dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market.. ate e lobster platter.. e rice is fragrant, fish & calamari not too bad.. but din like the lobster.. not tasty enough..

@ e rooftop

tropical breeze.. quite similar to fish & co's passion fruit

lobster platter

1:00 am

Y Thursday, May 28, 2009

im chomping on famous amos cookies to destress!! haha.. they have tis new flavour choco wif white chip.. super yummy.. im hooked onto it!!!!

11:25 pm

Y Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lalala.. 2 more days to my exam n i get wait to get it over n done wif!!!! hahahaha..
im sooo looking forward to goin genting wif baby! =)

used to go on trips every yr esp on my bdae cos my bdae jus nice fall on e march sch hols.. but ever since my last trip to korea den din travel far le.. only went msia last xmas n now to genting.. the experiences tat i gained from most of my trips are tat wad is shown on e tv isnt reali reflective of the real ting.. come to tink of it ive actually been reali lucky to hv been to so many countries.. covered most of asia..

to name a few.. taiwan is extremely boring unlike wad was portrayed on tv.. japan was a reali nice country mt fuji was great but e disney land was jam pack wif ppl which totally sucked.. think i enjoyed myself most in korea.. miss e korean nian gao!

1:47 am

Y Tuesday, May 26, 2009


celebrated jimmy's bdae yst.. jus a simple celebration.. went TCC for dinner & i ate my seafood aglio olio.. its uber delicious.. haha.. i always eat tat whn i go TCC.. den had our weekly dose of bowling!

as usual i cant resist the temptation to try my luck on e UFO catcher.. me & babe have been eyeing on this toy tat can walk which is super cute.. so we tried to catch it.. n to my utmost surprise we managed to catch it in 3 tries!!!!! we only spent $3 bucks on it.. for a toy tis size n its movable its reali worth it.. haha.. now my headboard is filled w toys..

4 more days to my last paper!!! cant wait for fri to come.. & mostly i jus cant wait to go tour wif baby!!!! i bet it'l b a BLAST!! haha..

1:08 am

Y Saturday, May 23, 2009

i finally stepped foot into orchard todae after almost a month of absence and being trapped in doors due to the exams.. it felt exhilarating to finally get outta my cage.. haha.. there're quite a no of changes in orchard.. the ion is almost ready with colourful lights surrounding the facade.. far east too has a no of new & interesting shops..

it was interesting too to see the quirky dressings and weird hairdo of the people in orchard.. ive been too used to seeing the sloppy dressing of the people around the neighbourhood thus tis was a refreshing change for me.. haha..

3 papers down one more to go!!!!!!

babe's buay song face

pondering on my law exam

pontian wanton mee @ graffiti cafe

love u baby!!!! =)

kbox session which cost a bomb.. $35 per pax.. im nv gonna go kbox on a wkend night.. its exorbitantly priced..

1:36 am

Y Wednesday, May 20, 2009

im sooo longing for my exams to come yet its taking a freaking long time to come.. its been almost a week since my last exam n my nx paper has yet to arrive.. its seriously such a long wait..

ok u may tink im crazy for wantin my paper to quickly come but if ure in my position n ur exams r spaced so far apart to e extend tat it takes one whole mth to complete 4 papers, i believe u'l share e same sentiments as me..

on e other hand, its great tat i hv ample time to study for each paper.. haha.. but i'l rather get it over n done wif asap.. exams r such a torture..

12:15 am

Y Monday, May 18, 2009

pics from our tim sum lunch @ prima aka revolving restaurant.. its quite enjoyable to be able to eat in e restaurant & enjoy e changing scenery outside.. e most special dish was e 3 non stick desert.. made of 25 egg yolks.. though it looks ordinary but e usual price is 60++ now e promo price is 20++.. its chewy yet doesnt stick to e plates or our teeth.. tats y its called 3 non stick.. i duno wads e other stick.. lol..

1:16 am

Y Sunday, May 17, 2009

jus had an energy draining game of wii.. haha.. my arm is feeling v weak n achy now.. bet im gonna hv muscle ache tml, which isnt a great ting.. haiz.. ghost squad is stil babe's fave game while mine is rayman & golf! haha.. needless to sae i stil lost to babe in e golf game.. but once exams r over i'm gonna train & perfect my skills.. jus u wait andy.. im gonna beat u one dae!!!!! =D

me & babe's MII respectively

taking our turns at e golf game


we went to SHIN TOKYO for lunch on fri & had a horrible experience there! not only does e food taste horrible, e bill also shocked us.. normally our meal for 2 at SAKAE would b ard 30+ but tis one amounted up to 40+++.. wth la.. we only ordered one bowl of noodles, 2 drinks, abt 6 plates of sushi out of which 4 plates r white plates which is at a special price of $0.99.. so u could imagine hw shocked i was whn i saw tat e bill was 40+.. totally waste of money.. food sucks to e core.. with e amount of money we paid we could hv gotten better quality foood at sushi tei lor.. NEVER PATRONISE DEM MANZ!

spicy prawn sushi

bowl of salmon ramen.. e salmon is sweet n e soup is tasteless

12:45 am

Y Friday, May 15, 2009

wasnt reali productive todae.. i only managed to study one chap of my law.. haiz.. most of my time was spent on loading the anti virus software for babe's laptop.. stil nd to update e software n stuff.. den i wanted to burn data into cds but din noe hw to do it on babe's laptop.. so all this took me more den an hour.. sucks.. by e time i was done i only managed to study a bit den it was time for dinner.. haha..

my super unhealthy supper @ bukit timah

walked the dog todae as babe's parents were outta town n babe had tuition so i gotta do e job.. bringin e dog down to do her business is ok.. e part which i dislike is having to clean her paws n butt.. grosss.. i din even dare to wring e cloth after wiping.. lol..

1:38 am

Y Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my items which i bought from e nui ren wo zui da spree has arrived!!!

double eye lid clip for my mom

fringe clip to mk my fringe wavy

bought tis clip from one of the push cart stalls.. was hoping it cld help me volumise my hair.. the pic looks v convincing but upon using it u'l find out tat its totally useless.. e teeth of the comb would stick out of ur hair.. total waste of my money..

10:32 pm


2 down 2 more paper to go!!!
wad a dread.. sigh..

i always get a headache after each exam.. not because i used up alot of brain juice during the exam.. but its due to the strong aircon which keeps blowing at my head causing my head to hurt from the cold.. which leaves me totally exhausted after each exam..

8:49 pm

Y Sunday, May 10, 2009

me & dear managed to squeeze in a bit of fun amidst our tight studying schedule.. haha.. we jus played wii in my house.. we're like so competitive.. each game we played we also must vie for e 1st place.. lol.. needless to sae dear won most of e time cos i totally suck at e golf game.. whereas i perform must better in the shooting games.. hahaha.. =D

dear specially went to eat e mac happy meal breakkie jus to get tis cute cinnamon roll toy for me.. it lights up when u place it on surfaces tat can conduct electricity.. e ting on e right, dear calls it e pampers for e toy.. haha..

1:21 am

Y Saturday, May 09, 2009

had a sumptuous meal @ crystal jade wif my parents & babe.. =)

tofu fried wif pepper & salt.. my fave dish.. crispy on e outside soft on e inside..

peking duck

wrapped the duck skin n cucumber

sharks fin & many other ingredients

a huge piece of sharks fin!

steam catfish w chilli

braised duck meat

1:27 am

Y Thursday, May 07, 2009

im super exhausted after writing vigorously for 3h non stop.. crap..

not sure if i'l pass or do well but at least i can sae tat ive tried my very best to ans every single question on the exam script..

1 down 3 more to go!

counting down.......
me & babe bought matching tootbrushes to put in his house.. pink for me purple for babe.. lol..

babe's creation of fried scramble egg with prawns

8:20 pm

Y Tuesday, May 05, 2009

exams are starting in 3 days & im starting to feel the effects of exams.. haha.. starting to have the jitters.. too lil time, too much info to memorize.. this totally sucks! looking back on e past 3 yrs i was in poly i realise ive nv studied much for my tests or exams.. i usually start studyin mayb a week b4 only.. whereas now i started studyin like 1/2mths b4 exams.. am i hardworking or wad? lol..

tk god my exams r nicely spread out.. one exam per wk which gives me lotsa time to cramp my brain wif info b4 each exam.. haha.. & to think i was still complaining a week ago tat my exams end so late.. but nw i feel reali fortunate to hv ample time to study for each subject.. *cheers* =)

good luck to every1 tat is taking their exams!!!

12:13 am

Y Sunday, May 03, 2009

ive shortened my post tks to sm ppl who complained tat its too wordy.. haha.. anw e main gist of my post is the message at e bottom for tat bastard.. so u all can jus ignore my post.. seriously..


im freezing in the lib now and im bored stiff from all the studying.. so ive decided to rant about alvin lee again following the big hoo haa he caused last night..

anw despite me n my bf's numerous warnings to not touch my bfs stuff, my bf's bro turned a deaf ear & stiked again last nite while my bf was not at home.. & for e 1st time in 3yrs i actually saw my bf sooo PISSED OFF at sm1 to the extend tat my bf was willing to go to great lenghts jus to get his shirt back.. he wanted to tk a cab down to find his bro jus so tat he can change outta my bf's shirt..

don u tink he's fucking notorious & seriously incorrigible? if u wanna borrow stuff frm ppl u can ASK rite? n not sneak into ppl's room while they're away & take their clothes hoping tat person won find out.. its like havin a thief in ur hse la.. u don wan to b on gd terms wif ur own bro u don even give him any respect yet u stil wan to take his stuff to wear.. don u hv ani manners??

in the background: him wearing a plain ol' white tee.. no wonder he nds fashion tips from my bf.. hahaha..

bastard wearing the tee which i bought for my bf.. e tee is size S n he's obviously a size M yet he stil tries to squeeze into it..

another one of my bf's tee worn by him..

this is e new belt he bought shortly aft he broke my bf's belt.. n take note tat tis belf is EXACTLY THE SAME as the one i bought for my bf.. may not b frm e same shop but the buckle n belt is EXACTLY the SAME!

& he also bought renoma undies jus cos my bf bought dem too..

i noe tat u read my blog so tis msg is for u:

if u tink tat all of this is because we jus wan to pick on u den pls reflect on urself.. one v significant eg. is ur decreasing no of frens.. if u think ure a great guy den y don u look at e no of frens tat u hv? din u realise tat ur frens r few n little? u all start out as gd frens but slowly dey start to draw away frm u.. & hw many frens can u call as true frens who'l b there for u when u nd help? 1? none? don u c tis is e result of ur arrogance?

u confessed tat its cos u tink i hv a gd taste in clothes so u deliberately wear the clothes which i pick out for andy.. but let me tel u tis la.. e clothes r andy's so naturally e clothes look nice on andy but tat doesnt mean tat jus cos i picked it means tat when u wear it e clothes wil fit u and other gals wld approve on ur dressing & allow u to score pts frm them.. don b dumb la.. its hw u carry the clothes n wear clothes which suits u tat will allow u to look gd.. & not by copying other's fashion tastes..

u tink tat since e belt is bought by me for andy so by buyin another belt which is exactly e same so u won go wrong.. ya its safe for u to buy tat but din u realise tat tis belt is e 1st bdae present i bought for andy n its 3yrs ago?? lol.. plus din u c i alr bought a new armani belt for andy? if u don wanna b on gd terms wif me den pls don be so THICKSKIN & use e stuff which i bought for andy la.. ITS MEANT FOR MY BF NOT U! if ure nice to me i stil don mind letting u use.. but wif ur fucked up attitude u tink i wanna benefit u w all e nice stuff i bought for andy? of cos not la..
moreover u're alr 22 tis yr lor.. cant u take matters into ur own hands and settle ur own problem urself? mus u go running to ur parents & complain to them each time u suffer a setback? b it telling tales abt ur bro, complaining abt hw suffering it is in army to ur parents isnt of much help..

by arguing wif me doesnt show tat ure more superior, u're jus indirectly hurting & embarrassing ppl ard u esp ur parents.. who wld hv to clear up the mess which u made.. to try & make up for e wrong their son hv done.. do wad u wan others to do unto u.. wad goes around comes around.. im sure u'l get ur retribution soon..

6:08 pm

Y Saturday, May 02, 2009

just got back from watching the movie Wolverine.. im nt an avid fan of X MEN but i did watch every part of the X Men movie.. heard many negative comments abt tis sequel Wolverine but in my opinion e show isnt as bad as they made it sound.. haha.. i think its rather interesting to trace the origins of wolverine.. its captivating in a way.. but of cos the movie does hv its flaws.. i tink the cyclops part was kinda lame.. covering his eyes with tat mask.. haha.. but overall i tink its worth watching la..

anw on a side note.. ani1 noes of any website tat i can post pics of ppl i hate n jus slam e person there? or ani1 has any ideas on hw to take revenge on ppl who's wronged u? if u do pls let me noe! haha.. tks!

11:51 pm


pics from our bowling session:

babe striking a pose

taking my shot at getting strike.. haha..

the scoreboard!
consisting of me, andy, wanwan, terence n alvin's scores.. mine's e 1st one.. haha..

terence's $150 one of a kind cap


had craving for prata last nite so i met dear at yewtee for supper at abt 11+ but e prata shop was super hot n stuffy so we settled for XIN WANG instead.. i mus sae tat their tim sum sucks lor! e cha siew bao's flour is sticky n sticks to my teeth.. chee cheong fun also taste horrible.. e prawn dumpling taste ok but its super duper tiny.. took pics of the food using dear's phone but sadly he cant transfer dem to the com so sry no pics.. haha..

den went to mac hoping to use my laptop there but no plugs were available for me to use n my lappy only left wif 15% of batt.. jus great.. another upset for me.. haiz..

12:53 am

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