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17 March 88



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Y Monday, June 30, 2008

my latest craze!!! PATAPON!!!!
been playing tis game on the psp.. super duper fun manz!!
its a rhythmic game.. gotta listen to the beat and give commands to your army to kill enemies..

8:52 pm

Y Sunday, June 29, 2008

my bf's BROTHER stupidly told him tat he wants to find a gf who would accompany him to the gym, go sentosa sun tan and most importantly one tat doesnt shop.. like how many girls out there doesnt SHOP? SHOPPING IS A GIRL'S FAVOURITE PAST TIME LA.. i wouldnt sae every gal on earth la.. but majority of the gals on earth tat is.. haha.. even gals tat are tan n sporty shops.. prob even more often den dey do sports n sun tan..

ok i believe he can find one tat would not mind goin to the gym n sun tanning wif him.. but one tat doesnt shop.. i would sae tat e chances are reali SLIM.. so her whole rls wif him would be:
- go gym
- go sentosa
- stay at home n rot
- go shopping once a month??
lol.. wad a fun-filled rls i bet they'l have..

lets be realistic la.. gals shop to doll themselves up.. to purchase stuff which would beautify them.. be it cosmetics, the latest IT bag, fashionable clothes.. etc.. plus statistics hv shown tat singaporeans r NO.1 when it comes to shopping online..

i doubt he jus wants an ugly gal who can just accompany him to e gym & suntan rite? he'l DEFINITELY want a gal tat is at least pleasant looking.. or above the average.. so may i noe hw is e gal gonna achieve tat if she doesnt shop? by stayin at home n praying tat she'l turn beautiful? hahaha.. OF COS NOT! lik DUH! haven he heard of the saying "THERE'S NO UGLY GIRL, ONLY LAZY GIRLS"? (translated from chinese) hehe..

anw beauty is in e eye of the beholder.. if he tinks tat she fits his bill den fine la.. however other den looks character plays a VERY IMPT part.. if the gal ever sees how u behave at home in front of ur family members she too would be disgusted by your actions..

and one more point to add.. army doesnt change your character.. character is inborn.. if you tink tat aft goin to the army u'l b a better person den i tink u're jus childish.. and i doubt u'l turn alot more matured when you get out of e army.. mayb a lil? hahaha.. if you wanna be a better person den start by treating ur family wif respect.. stop shoutin at ur mother.. n talk to her politely.. prob you could find a much younger gal to be ur gf instead cos dey'l prob think tat u're matured..

1:59 pm

Y Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yan Li & ME @ Zouk!

My new pair of slippers!
*twice i wore the white heels from Charles & Keith and twice i had to buy a pair of slippers to change as the heels where freakin tight and the pain was unbearable.. i am NEVER gonna wear tat pair of heels ever again!*

known as PIMPLY BALL

my fri night was spent removing my acrylic nails, goin to bukit timah for teochew porridge & the all time fave pool session.. haha.. hw sweet..
tml i'm goin to SENTOSA!!!
cant wait!!!
yipeee~~~!!! =))

12:32 am

Y Thursday, June 19, 2008

doesnt tis chocolate fondue look tempting??
duno y but suddenly have tis huge craving for chocolatey stuff now.. hopefully by the time i get to a place where there's chocolate fondue i'l still hv e craving.. if not den super sianz!

3:25 pm

Y Wednesday, June 18, 2008

watched SEX & THE CITY todae wif yan li.. Its a nice show which revolves more on love, betrayal, forgiveness.. not so much on sex actually.. haha.. i esp like the part where all the couples forgive each other & have a happy ending.. i would sae tis is more of a girly show.. not so much for guys cos guys usually don appreciate romance stuff.. haha..

went far east for a lil shopping trip n bought a jeans skirt.. =)

12:15 am

Y Sunday, June 15, 2008

celebrated EDMUND's bdae on fri!!!

had dinner at makansutra @ esplanade den caught movie 'The Incredible Hulk'.. movie not too bad la.. but e disgusting ting was tat e previous pers0n who sat on e same seat as me act spilt ice cream on e seat.. so my seat was act wet n soaked wif icecream.. wth la!! damn gross! but tk god it was only at e corner.. can u imagine it was in e middle?? den i would hv unknowingly sat on it.. kns! aft movie was pool pool pool!!!

by e time we left marina was abt 1 plus le.. n i waited almost half an hour for e stupid nite rider to come.. grrrr.. so by e time i reached home was alr 3 +++... super duper tired.. but i had fun!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDMUND!!! hope u like e present we gave u! =)

2:07 pm

Y Friday, June 13, 2008

somehow I believe that things would still be the same..
not 'cos I do not trust you..
but its from your actions that I see..
I guess it was foolish to think that I could make you change..
To think that you would be a different you..
You're just happy at the way things are..
You're just not willing to go the extra mile for me..

12:27 am

Y Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pics taken on e last dae of my stay in Suntec.. hehe.. duno y e pics are kinda small.. haha..


empty feeling in my heart..
duno wad to say
duno wad to do..
nothing seems to be right..
empty words were spoken..
promises broken..
hopes were shattered..

i want to run into your arms..
hoping you'l tel me everyting'l be alright
and that you love me
and will always be there for me..

why isit so difficult for you to treat me nice?
must you always treat me badly den u'l feel better?
so that i can make up for all e wrong i've done to u??
why cant you just give in to me for once?
why is everything so difficult for you?

what must i do to make things better?
so that we can be happy together like every other couple?

8:20 pm

Y Wednesday, June 04, 2008

my pretty acrylic extensions!!! =)

11:24 am

Y Sunday, June 01, 2008

i broke my nail again while changin my bedsheet!!!
argh.. super pissed!!!
cant stand my stupid short nails..
wanna go for extension!!!


3:26 pm


hello peeps!!
finally back to blog aft my absence.. hehe..
recently bought quite a no of stuff..
2 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses n a vest.. =))

did quite a lot of stuff too..
met up wif georgina.. had dinner tgt.. wanted to do our nails but it turned out horribly wrong.. haha.. so went over to fep to shop shop.. n i managed to get my waist belt n a HOT pink tube..

i went downtown east todae to check out the new shopping centre there.. according to clever andy there were 300 over shops there.. but guess wad?? whn i got there i tink there were less den 30 shops.. lol.. frankly its not worth travelling all e way to e east jus to go there unless u're looking solely for entertainment & food.. other den e fashion shop new urban male, there's practically NOTHING to shop there.. e place is filled with shops & shops of eatery and entertainment such as bowling alley, cinema, arcade, kbox n a huge playgrd for kids.. wad's unique is tat there's a mini ferris wheel in the shopping centre itself.. i din take though.. cos andy PROMISED TO BRING ME TO E BIGGER FERRIS WHEEL.. heheheh.. =P anw e mini one cost abt $6 per pax e more ppl e cheaper.. anw nth to do there so we hopped into kbox & there were having tis opening specials so each person only nd to pay less den 10 bucks.. total bill came to $16+.. cheap rite??? hahaha.. n we were given a FREE membership card.. plus e sound system there is much better den e rest of e kbox.. makes my voice sound soo much more melodic.. hehehe..

so tired to blog le.. now is 2.40 am!!! tired.. *yawnz* let u all c photos instead k.. ciao! nite! =))

2:31 am

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