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17 March 88



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Y Thursday, January 31, 2008

the flu virus has hit me.. haiz.. hate being sick.. got fever + cough + sorethroat.. feel reali lethargic.. wish i could jus stay home but i gotta hand in my bd proj tml.. sian.. have to go all e way down to queensway again to collect it den head back to sch.. troublesome.. =( *sobs*

dear has been 'quite' sweet to me while i'm sick la.. oh well.. wad can i expect from a wood lik him.. at least he did help me massage my aching body n took care of me.. but hate it whnever i'm sick n he's soooo afraid of me passing to him.. sneeze also cant sneeze in his room.. if in future i have a more serious sickness hw am i gonna count on him to take care of me manz.. haiz..

anw e only happy ting is i went to make my nails!!! yay~ =)) will upload e pic of my nails soon okie.. now v sick.. no mood to take pic..

11:23 pm

Y Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i'm free to do wad i wan now! hahahaha.. shall go find job in feb.. for e time being i jus wanna slack.. hehe.. =]

stuff i wanna do:

1) do my nails for CNY

2) go chinatown for desert

3) eat crab.. LOL

4) wash my CNY clothes

5) buy Honey DEE shell's vdae present

6) play mahjong

7) go sentosa

8) save lotsa money! =D

11:37 pm

Y Monday, January 28, 2008

i'm goin crazy over all PINK stuff! haha.. i'm tryin to turn my room into a princess haven! =)) anw went chom pang (dun reali noe hw to spell.. hehe) for breakfast.. walked ard n set my eyes on tis pretty n cute PINK clock! din hv ani money wif me at tat time n dear was super sweet! he offered to pay for me.. awwwwww... its e 1st time he offered to pay for e stuff i buy! except food la.. haha.. love him lots lots! tks honey! =)))

11:08 am

Y Saturday, January 26, 2008

i bought a new watch!!! wahahaha.. soooo happy!! love my mom to bits! she's e best~! hehehehehe.. *grinZ* cant wait to wear it!! lalalala.. =)))))))))

went to vivo n caught e show 'The Mist'.. wad a sucky show man.. stupid ending.. whole show only revolved ard the supermarket wif this bithcy woman.. andy tinks its a nice show.. he has bad taste.. haha.. oh well.. one man's meat is another man's poison.. y don u guys go catch e show n let me noe how u tink? haha.. =]

11:28 pm

Y Thursday, January 24, 2008

can no longer concentrate on studying.. alr in e 'PLAY' mood.. hehe.. headed down to bugis todae.. was hoping they would hv cheap bangles there but couldnt find ani.. there were many new food stalls in e basement.. all so tempting! haha.. anw i settled for yellow fella.. funny name eh? ahha.. its sells french fries! nth special u may sae.. but its e variety of sauces which makes it unique.. if i din rmb wrongly dey have a total of 10 sauces! haha.. needless to sae i tried cheddar cheese sauce as i love cheese! its finger linkin' good manz! i'l definitely go back to try e other flavous.. hehe.. =) =)

11:35 pm

Y Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dropped by marina sq todae aft my exam.. shopped ard but nothing caught my eye.. so as usual went home empty handed.. after dinner went to esplanade to chill on my way out saw this live band performing.. duno isit called a band though.. only 2 persons.. haha.. its free so me n andy sat down to listen.. duno wad he's singing.. don even usd.. their kind of music don appeal to me.. haha..

duo performing at Esplanade

i've got tons of stuff i wan now! haha.. so i'm gonna update my wishlist.. anibody willing to fulfill my wish? hehe.. =P

11:58 pm

Y Sunday, January 20, 2008

dear know's tat i have been studyin reali hard so he decided to reward me wif BEN & JERRY'S ICECREAM!!! yummy yummy! chocolate fudge brownie flavor.. super chocolatey super rich.. but super sinful.. oh well who cares.. hehe.. =D =D

tks dear! love ya to bits! =) =)

12:10 am

Y Saturday, January 19, 2008

i am seriously goin CRAZY from studying!!! *SCREAMS* today is e 5th consecutive day tat i did not go aniwhere near town.. for the past 5 days i've ONLY went to places in the west area.. i DID NOT step out of tis perimeter.. grrrr... its disgusting! its driving me CRAZY!!! i seriously hate exams hate studying! the only entertainment i have is playin resident evil in dear's house on his lil ps2.. haiz.. i need to go town i wanna go SHOPPING!

1:52 pm


went FARM MART for supper wif dearie jus now.. chicken wings were sold out so we ate satay.. its reali yummy.. i love e rice.. its not lik e normal ones tat are hard.. tis one is soft n moist.. hehe..
in case u're wondering where FARM MART is, its act somewhere near brickland rd.. its a lil place which has shops selling pets, food etc.. n i frequent e prawn fishing place as well as e food place.. they hv tasty chicken wings n other bbq food.. can take e shuttle bus from lot1..
anw aft eating e satay my tummy feels reali uncomfy.. feels lik its burnin inside.. tink its due to the satay sauce.. its rather spicy.. or maybe its cos i ate too much.. tks to dear la.. always cant finish den throw everything to me.. haiz.. at tis rate i'm goin i doubt i can lose weight.. need to visit e gym more often..

12:23 am

Y Thursday, January 17, 2008

i went to e gym yst n todae i ate pizza.. haha.. super sinful ya.. but i jus couldnt resist the temptation.. moreover pizza hut is having this student meal for lunch so hw can i not patronize them.. hehehe.. =P e set meal consists of a Hawaiian pizza + soup of e dae mushroom soup + garlic bread + pepsi.. yummy!

yummy hawaiian pizza!

11:28 pm

Y Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i feel so super lethargic now.. sigh.. went to e gym tis afternoon... now i'm feeling so super tired.. my back is aching, my tummy is aching n my calf feels wobbly.. i used e striding machine for 20mins followed by 4 rounds on the treadmill plus worked my tummy n lastly did exercises for my arms.. i wanna lose wt but i hate it whn my thigh gets big n develops muscles due to running.. haiz.. can ani1 tel me hw i can b slim without having to exercise?? n my stupid arms nv seem to get ani skinnier.. i hate my fat arms!!!! reali envy ppl who hv nice slim arms.. oh well.. at least GOD gave me a pair of big eyes! haha.. i shall b thankful for tat.. think i'l hit e sack early todae.. nite peeps! =)

10:17 pm

Y Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i'm crazy over gel stickers! bought e heart design e other dae n i've alr stuck it onto my dressing table mirror.. sooo pretty! haha.. n its reali fun to play wif! i bought e flower one on sunday.. gonna stick on my full length mirror as well as mirror in e toilet..
there are many different brand of gel stickers n probably quality slightly different.. but it looks all e same anw.. n no pt spendin so much on it rite.. so if u're interested to buy it u can get it from DIASO at ony $2! they have quite a no of designs.. there're butterfiles, piggy, bears etc..
went to print me & andy's pic so we could put it in our wallets.. its $1 for two pics.. n i tot it would b rather expensive.. haha.. but its kinda big.. cant reali fit into e tranparent compartment in our wallets.. so i guess we'l hv to cut of some parts.. den only our big heads can b seen.. hahaha..

10:58 pm

Y Sunday, January 13, 2008

lazy to type much cos i wanna slp soon.. so shall let e pics do e talkin okie.. =)

new white shorts from far east plaza

couple outfit from GAP. gonna wear it on v.dae!

12:53 am

Y Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i'm having psychology test tml n here i am blogging.. haha.. cant seem to get aniting into my lil head.. so many terms to memorise la.. still tot psychology was easy.. shld hv chosen other electives instead.. haha..

i'm eating cornflakes while blogging n waiting for dear to cal me.. i was complainin e other dae tat we no longer quarrel n guess wad?? last nite we had a MAJOR quarrel.. grrr.. all my fault la.. dear i'm sorry okie.. i noe i'm wrong la.. though i don lik to admit my mistakes n sae sorry.. hehe.. i noe u'l forgive me rite? =P i stil love u!

10:56 pm

Y Monday, January 07, 2008

been rather moody lately.. duno isit pms or isit cos i din get to buy ani clothes.. haiz.. sorry dear for venting my frustrations on u.. i noe u'l always tolerate me rite? hehe.. i cant seem to start a quarrel wif andy anm.. each time i throw tantrum he'l b super sweet n pacify me.. unlike last time where we'l jus start yelling at each other.. i noe dear changed a great deal for me.. love him lots! =)

wad is wrong wif shoppin centres nowadays la.. dey don seem to have new stocks fast enuf n all their clothes are so sucky la.. wanna find smth to buy also v v diff.. sianz.. i jus wanna get a nice decent lookin shorts yet i cant seem to find ani.. grrrr... i need clothes!!

anw yst i went imm tgt wif andy n his bro.. first time i went out wif him manz!! lol.. well he's quite sweet whn he's in a gd mood.. he's also ok looking la.. ani gals interested? i can intro to u.. hehehehe.. =P

11:00 pm

Y Sunday, January 06, 2008

finally BD is over! wahahaha.. did my final presentation todae.. was ok lor.. wasnt as scary as i tot.. haha.. duno y but was in a bad mood tis aftnoon.. mood swing! mayb menses comin.. lol.. was alr in a bad mood n andy's bro stil hv to come back n kick up a big fuss.. hate it manz.. its his own fault tat he came back so late n was late to meet his frens.. keep grumbling as if its my fault lidat.. i also din force him to drive me back.. grrrr.. i don hate him or aniting la.. jus don lik it whn he's in a bad mood n he shows his black face to every1.. as if we own him smth..

me n weilin did e board for fabrics and colours for FBM.. its reali pretty esp e board on fabrics.. jus had to show u all e pic of it.. hehe.. n i love e gap shirt.. wanted to buy wif dear.. den can hv couple shirt.. but his bro aft hearing us talk abt it he also went to buy it todae.. copy cat!!! duno stil wanna buy not leh.. if buy alr lik so weird.. feels lik i'm wearin couple shirt wif him too.. eeewwww.. hahaha..

12:46 am

Y Tuesday, January 01, 2008

watch AVP yst at plaza sing.. was not bad la.. tink there mayb another sequel to it.. haha.. aft movie quickly rushed back to vivo to watch e firewks plus dear's car is packed there.. had yummy tim sum from e food republic.. reali nice leh.. wil go back for more! hahaha.. e firewks was seriously a letdown.. so tiny n so lil.. shld hv gone 4 e one at esplanade.. would hv been so much better.. haiz.. sad.. was reali bored waiting for e firewks to start so i camwhored!! haha..

11:31 pm

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