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17 March 88



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Y Sunday, June 28, 2009

after much frustrations, we finally decided to go bowling todae.. haha.. seriously we shld b more decisive.. PROCRASTINATION KILLS!!

anw sweetie specially picked out a card for me.. sweet =)

11:46 pm


had an extremely filling buffet dinner in merchant court hotel's ELLENBOROUGH MARKET CAFE.. din reali hv much meaty stuff mostly seafood dishes were served.. its e crab season so we were served 3 types of crabs.. namely: black pepper, thai style & chilli crab.. there were also oysters, crayfish, steam fish, sashimi etc..

there were also many dessert items to choose from and my fave is definitely the chocolate fondue! haha.. but it was a let down tat not many fruits were given for us to coat wif choco.. and if u like durian, they do hv tis yummy durian dessert tats a die for.. sadly i don fancy durian.. haha..




was shopping @ central mall & came across tis shop called STICKY which sells these australian type of sweets.. so bought a no of packets.. but i tink e ones i bought from australia still taste better.. tis one is not fruity enuf..

12:32 am

Y Friday, June 26, 2009

after wearing my tiffany necklace for 4 months its already badly scratched.. so i sent if for polishing.. all along i tot e polishing would be FOC so i was shocked when the sales person asked me to pay $15 for the polishing.. haha.. of cos i paid for it la.. no choice wad.. tk god the result after the polishing is fantastic.. not only r the scratches gone, its super shiny now.. it looks even better when i first bought it.. so e $15 bucks is definitely worth it.. hahaha... but sadly the results don last long.. it'l definitely get scratched as soon as i start wearing it again..



it comes wif a new pouch so i guess part of the $15 goes to the pouch.. haha..

9:00 pm


had a hard time trying to get seats to watch e movie.. e cinemas were practically all filled.. so we had no choice but to come back to cck to watch it.. though the movie was at 1215am there were still tons of ppl watching at tis time slot.. so u can c how popular tis movie is..
i personally tink tat e movie is good.. exciting yet there were funny scenes.. haha.. mix of action plus comedy.. so not bad wad.. plus its 3h so its definitely worth the money.. lol..

6:24 am


i don nd ur money. i don nd u to be the perfect guy.
all im askin is for u to treat me wif ur heart.
i do not want to tolerate ur nonsense.
do not want to hear ur non sensible answers or excuses.
i've had enough.

5:07 am

Y Wednesday, June 24, 2009

aft 2 nites of mj over nite im dead tired now.. tink mj too up most of our time.. we played mj almost every minute tat we were awake.. haha..
went to e escape themepark too & its stil e same except tat a number of rides r closed.. e. invertor is foreva closed.. ive nv managed to sit on it though ive been there a few times.. e only new attraction is the haunted house..

nico, pearlyn & me!

mj,mj & more of mj

explicit content!!!

super cute mickey mouse bowling ball

@ escape

nico's art work.. haha..

10:23 pm

Y Monday, June 22, 2009

me & babe have been looking high n low for a suitable scrapbook to paste our photos but to no avail till we came across tis art shop in Central Mall and found tis:

tis contains 72 sheets of beautifully decorated cards.. there're glitters, pretty borders.. etc.. jus nice for us to paste our photos on it.. =)
here're 2 designs found inside:

and i also took a liking instantly for tis piece of velvet sheet.. haha.. hv yet to decide wad im gonna do wif it but i don care la jus buy den sae! hahaha.. love e velvet feel.. =)

11:35 am


bought cakes for my dad on FATHER'S DAY from bakerz'in.. bought 4 pieces of cakes.. 2 tiramisu, 1 strawberry cheescake and 1 orea cheesecake.. 4 pieces of cakes cost me $20++.. a few more dollars & i could have bought a full cake.. feel damn stupid lor.. i shld hv jus bought a whole tiramisu cake.. sigh.. =(((

got tis Lucidol-L designing whip hair foam hoping to enhance my curls.. nd to get another perm soon!

1:30 am

Y Sunday, June 21, 2009

me, babe & jim headed down to clark quay to see the Singapore River Festival.. was a bit late so we only managed to see 2 of the bumboat floats.. wad a disappointment.. & to make tings worse we went to the wrong jetty so we were unable to sit the river taxi.. haha.. reali dumb.. but thank god there was an acrobat show to keep us entertained..

wanted to eat the mee sua pa chor mee but the Song Fa bak kut teh caught our eyes so we ate tat instead.. though they had awards for their bak kut teh but i felt tat it's so-so only.. meat is tender & soft but e soup is not thick enuf..

also managed to buy my fave cheese buns from PROVENCE BAKERY.. they do have other delectable breads.. so u can go try if u hv not done so..

best part of our trip was having CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE & BLACK FOREST CAKE @ LAURENT CAFE & CHOCOLATE BAR.. the chocolate souffle is super delicious and the cake is unlike the normal black forest cake u see everywhere.. tis one is soft & melts in ur mouth.. definitely worth eating!! =)

2:23 am

Y Thursday, June 18, 2009

lalalala.. im updating my iphone software n its taking an awfully long time.. sianz..

& to make tings worse restaurant city cant load.. JUS GREAT!

10:34 pm


my face is awfully dry n rough so i did a DIY facial at home.. haha.. scrubbed my face den applied tis white chocolate firming mask.. i tot e mask would smell like choco but no smell at all leh.. lol.. my face does feel smoother now.. but i duno if its more firm.. guess i gotta use a few more packs to feel e effect..

10:05 pm

Y Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i normally do not look forward to mondays but im reali looking forward to tis coming mondae & i wish it would come faster! hahaha.. wil b goin to hv a chalet at aranda cty club on mondae.. cant wait! will definitely hv hours & hours of mahjong session.. we shall play overnite.. lol.. =)

3 weeks into my holidays & im still procrastinating.. ive yet to find a job & jus slacking everydae.. haha.. but at least i hv lotsa stuff to do everydae so im not bored at all & loving my freedom.. enjoying each and everydae of my hols! *cheers* =D

11:44 pm


had a lil shopping trip @ bugis village.. bought an oversized tee with a zipper at e back which can be worn as a dress & a biker jacket.. lurves!!! =)

1:12 am

Y Tuesday, June 16, 2009

went to tampines 1 to shop cos i heard tat there's alot of new shops there but it turned out to b a disappointment.. e popular jap clothes shop uniqlo din hv much to offer me.. jus plain boring tees.. wanted to get a new skirt but din manage to find aniting suitable there.. sad..

had dinner at e japanese gourmet town MANPUKU.. nth fantastic la.. food is so-so only.. tink e sokudo market is still better..

belated anni rose from babe =)

cutesy toothbrush holder from babe's mom..

super tiny salmon + scallop don

ebi tempura sushi


shared tis plate of omu rice with babe

tis aluminium bottle reminded me of the QOO bottle which i bought from japan.. =)

12:49 am

Y Sunday, June 14, 2009

had my 2nd bdae celebration for tis week.. tis time its to celebrate EDMUND's bdae! =)
went to vivo city's bakerz'in & we ordered an assortment of cakes.. from tiramisu to cheesecake & strawberry shortcake.. haha.. e strawberry shortcake tasted horrible so we played 'zong ji mi ma' so e poor fellow who guessed e correct no had to eat a portion of e cake.. n i was super unlucky i got it twice.. =(

my dare was nth compared to ed & stan's dare.. haha.. stan had to eat e top part of e cheesecake which was made of strawberry, mix it wif water n leave it in his mouth for a min.. ed's dare was worse.. who ask him to be e bdae boy.. lol.. we gave him a concoction of water plus strawberry cake & different types of sugar.. GROSS!!! eeeeewwwww...

i also caught sight of a few celebs like pornsak, lee theng & jeff wang at vivo.. =)

1:59 am

Y Saturday, June 13, 2009


im amazed at hw many annis we've celebrated.. how we managed to pull thru these numerous months and still be tgt despite our vast differences.. haha.. wad exactly is holding us tgt? i seriously do not have e ans.


caught e movie TAKING OF PELHAM 123.. would sae tat its a gd movie, has a gd plot, lived up to my expectations.. but still unable to beat the movie 'Taken'.. if u've yet to watch TAKEN den u've gottan watch it.. its damn gd lor! haha.. keeps u at e edge of ur seat til e end of the movie..

we had a reali expensive supper over at e restaurant called Al Dente Trattoria at esplanade.. ive always wanted to dine at e 2nd floor outdoor dinning area at one of e restaurants at esplanade. seems like a romantic ting to do.. haha.. so we headed to tis restaurant to fulfill my wish.. =)

we ordered a wood fired pizza. pizza has a paper thin crust, fresh pineapples (unlike e normal can pineapples) & meat is also of diff grade.. scenery is gd. u get to enjoy e breeze and dine with the skyscrapers as the backdrop.. however, it wld have been better if it was located nearer to the river.. plus the service of the restaurant sucks! my pizza took almost half an hour to be served..

2:10 am

Y Thursday, June 11, 2009

had dinner at Shokudo Streets of Japan @ The Heeren Shops.. the concept is e same as marche whereby u pick ur food from a range of different 'stalls' & charge all ur purchases into a card.. price wise is reasonable la.. i only ate a mushroom and cheese omelette & a cup of apple soda.. e omelette was a tad too salty for my liking.. my fren ate tis spicy ramen wif prawn tempura according to her it was not nice.. haha.. wasnt v hungry so din try other food.. but i'l definitely go back to try e other dishes.. =)

while we were eating halfway a bird flew into e shopping centre. lol.. gals were shrieking away while e security tries to catch it.. lol.. wad a rare sight..


ball lighting

kids play area

caught tis movie.. e story was exciting however e ending was a disappointment..

11:17 pm

Y Wednesday, June 10, 2009

whoooopeeee~~~!!! apple has launched its new version of iphone, iphone 3G S.. it looks exactly e same as e old one except tat tis one is much much faster.. according to WSJ singtel will lauch it in JULY!!!!! im gonna convince my dad to buy it n exchange it wif me.. wahahahaha..

anw with e update of the new software 3.0 e current iphone shld b 99% similar to e S iphone.. can send mms, voice recorder etc.. in e sms part one can also film video so i guess it means tat it'l hv video function too? haha.. not sure.. cant wait to update my software!!!! =D
went to wan wan's 21st bdae party.. took a few funny pics to kill e boredom.. haha..

weiling, jiebin, celina & me! =)

me & celina

12:53 am

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