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17 March 88



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Y Monday, June 25, 2007

Yay!!! so HAPPY todae! finally got to go sentosa wif dear dear.. hehe.. tks dear for bringing me to sentosa! haha.. i sound lik a kid..
went sentosae wif dear n his frens todae.. was supposed to meet 12 at habour front but everybody was late.. at 12 we were stil at cck.. we reached habour front at lik 1.. den ate at e hawker centre den proceeded to sentosa.. n we did lotsa walkin todae.. haha.. tks to dar n his frens.. lol.. we parked e car at e car park den walked to siloso beach.. whn we reached dere, dey realised tat dey had gone to e wrong beach.. they wanted to go palawan beach instead as we could rent e vball n kayak there.. den we walked all e way to to palawan beach.. n guess wad.. whn we got there we realise we cldnt rent e vball so we had to buy one n no kayak either.. so aft much discussion we decided to WALK all e way back to siloso beach again! wad a great workout.. haha.. finally we settled down at siloso beach.. den dear n his frens play vball while i jus watched dem.. was super boring la.. so went to 711 ALONE to get a mag.. n dear din even notice i was gone la.. he jus happily carried on playin his vball without worryin where i was.. wad a caring bf sia.. haiz.. den played frisbee wif dear's frens! it was fun! haha.. but was rather hard to run on e sand.. n it was so tiring..
walked so much tt my leg has a blister.. so painful.. boo hoo.. but dinner was yummy! ate at e gary lim hk restaurant in vivo city.. super yummy.. but whn i got home had tummy ache.. duno isit due to tt food.. haha.. but its worth it la.. cos e cheese bake rice wif fish is super delicious.. a must try!

cutie bear at e sentosa island shop

wrote that when i was bored

me n sweetie lao gong!

me in bikini! =)

dear's bunch of cheeky frens

11:02 pm


he totally don usd me at all.. don usd wad i nd.. i'm so freakin frustrated over my test n totally not prepare.. yet whn i tel him abt wantin to go for make up test instead he starts scoldin me.. n blame me for not preparing earlier lik he asked me to.. now is so not e time to tel me tis lor.. wad i nd is u to usd tt i'm reali confused n fan over my test tml.. is not i don wanna prepare.. is i don usd.. even aft i asked wl for help i'm stil as confused n totally hv no confidence in tml's test.. instead of helpin me find alternatives he's onli interested in whether he shld go sentosa tml.. n whn i sae i duno its up to him den he blame me for not caring abt him.. excuse me.. i alr hv enuf to think of n he stil fan me wif whether to go sentosa or not?? u can go sentosa gd for u la.. i'm stuck having to go for my test so don ask me if u shld go or not ok.. anw he always decide on wad he wans to do n onli inform me wad he's gonna do aft he's decided.. so tis time y bother to ask me? n so last min.. tks alot la.. if u wanna go sentosa wif jh dey all den go ahead la.. i'l jus go wif geor lor.. wad i wld hv loved to hear is tt if ure not confident to pass tis test den skip it n prepare well for e next test.. no use scoldin u now since u've not prepared earlier.. i wld hv appreciated tis so much more.. reali..

12:04 am

Y Saturday, June 23, 2007


anibody willing to go wif me?? =(

12:06 am

Y Thursday, June 21, 2007

went vivo todae and guess wad? i pei dear watch fantastic 4 again.. its my 2nd time watching it.. haha.. e first fantastic 4 movie i also watched it twice.. lol.. b4 e movie we shopped ard vivo.. heard from geor Mango was having SALE so i quickly headed to the shop hoping to grab smth.. but e whole shop was in a mess.. filled with tons of ppl.. reali duno where to start digging.. so i walked one round n decided to get outta e shop.. haha.. usually sales lik tis i reali don hv e mood to shop.. its more of grabbing e cheapest stuff to buy.. stuff which u may not even noe if u can fit in unless u go try it out or before e sale u've alr been eyeing on tt piece of clothing.. whereas for me.. i'm totally clueless on wad i wanna buy n i'm too lazy to dig.. haha.. rather den payin for smth which i don reali look nice in and having to squeeze wif all those ppl.. i'l rather shop leisurely n try e clothes til i'm satisfied..

cant wait for ZARA's sale thought.. at least whneva they hv sale its not so packed wif ppl at least i can stil get smth.. but i'm so freakin broke!!! anybody wanna supply me wif money? lol.. supposed to do sm acting tis sun for amanda.. but they alr got sm1 to act tt role.. so no more acting for me.. if not i wld b getting $150 lor.. gd money hor! oh well.. nvm la.. will jus b a goody n stay home to study on sun.. anw tt stupid person sun always not free one.. such a homey boi.. onli know how to stay home.. as if stayin home can save money.. grr.. don wanna talk abt him le.. e more i talk abt him e more angry i bcome.. but i stil love him no matter wad.. =)

*tks for goin OUT wif me todae dear! appreciate it lots lots! muackZ*

9:37 pm

Y Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i'm sittin in front of the com in his house.. staring at the jumping screen.. while he's happily playin game with his fren.. hw nice ya.. din wanna come in e first place.. as his fren was comin to his hse to play game.. it was him who asked me to come.. n tat he wanted to c me.. so ok.. i relented and here i am.. n hw does he treat me?? jus chuck me aside while he happily played game wif his fren.. if i knew tis was gonna happen den i won even come.. i tot since he asked me to come he shld at least treat me decently n not jus leave me all alone.. it wld b so much better if i had jus stayed home n studied.. wad's e pt even if i brought my stuff here to study.. there's no proper table here for me to study.. n no proper lighting.. so i guess i'm jus gonna slack my time away till 4 plus den i can meet geor for jogging.. till then.. its SLACKING TIME FOR ME!

1:39 pm

Y Monday, June 18, 2007

started e dae on a bad note.. was woken up by dear's cal n heard his angry voice on e phone.. all because i was not in sch and he suspects there's smth amiss.. haiz.. its not lik its e first time i din go to sch.. cant b each time i din go to sch means i did smth fishy wad.. besides jus by not goin doesnt mean i did smth wrong it doesnt prove aniting.. was so pissed to get accused of smth which i dint do.. i immediately woke up got dressed n dashed over to his hse to talk things out.. we screamed n shouted at each other til guess e whole neighbourhood could hear our quarrel ba.. haha..
oh well.. dear also has his reasons to suspect me la.. so cant exactly blame him.. jus hope tt in future he won anihw accuse me again n avoid saying tings which he doesnt mean..
* dear pls stop sayin i'l b better off without u for its totally not true.. so stop pushing me away unless i wan to ok.. *


went to watch fantastic 4 jus not.. show was not bad.. quite interesting.. after e show we took ages to decide where to go for dinner.. there were too many of us n too many ideas.. so its a reali bad idea to go out in such a big grp.. remind me not go out wif them in future.. haha.. its seriously a waste of time walkin here n dere n having to wait for one another.. by e time we finished our dinner it was alr 910.. n we cant even shop anm.. wad a waste of time manz

11:50 pm

Y Sunday, June 17, 2007

wanna thank my darling lao gong for popping up at my door step unexpectatedly n bought lunch for me! tks sweetie! *muackZ* =)

11:06 pm

Y Saturday, June 16, 2007

celebrated our 7th anni with dear dear on 13 june.. haha.. went to try out e new york new y0rk restaurant at city link.. ordered e pepperoni pizza n bbq pork ribs n root beer float.. all super nice! mus go try if u hv not tried it b4.. haha.. luckily we onli ordered one drink.. e one drink alone was enuf to make us super filling.. dear was super sweet.. he deboned e pork ribs for me while i fed him pizza n pork ribs.. hehe.. =D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

huge class of root beer float

yummy pork ribs

delicious pepperoni pizza

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

pretty skirt tt darling bought for me! =)

3:43 pm


dear went for his uni talk todae.. n whn i met him aft his talk all he could talk abt was STUDY STUDY STUDY.. wad's e big fuss anw.. its jus goin back to sch.. not like he hasnt gone to sch b4.. so y is he so paranoid.. its jus a transition from slacking life to sch life.. isit tt diff? y mus he give himself so much stress? i noe due to pressure from his parents he needs and wants to do well.. tt i usd.. but doin well doesnt mean givin urself so much stress n start plannin ur study schedule whn sch hasnt even started.. plus he hasnt even found a job yet.. nth is comfirmed yet.. so y stress himself n make me stress too..
i want to have a future with him.. but i'm not sure if i can withstand not being able to c him as n whn i like.. not knowing wad he's doin in sch.. i wish to b e understanding gf u wan.. but i duno if i can b tt understanding.. i duno if i can meet ur expectations of me.. i'm worried.. stress.. even b4 e start of e sch term.. i want to be there for u when ur sch wk overloads u n there's no space for u to breathe.. i wish to be by ur side yet i don wanna be a burden to u..
i duno wad would happen to us whn his uni starts.. guess as long as we can overcome e first hurdle n i control my longing to c him den things would be fine..


12:44 am

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