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17 March 88



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Y Friday, August 24, 2007


peggy is andy's beloved stinky+super naughty dog.. has tis blur look jus lik its owner.. haha.. i only like her whn she's cute.. but when she scratches me i jus wanna slap her face.. lol.. jk.. =P she loves following me ard which i have totally no idea y.. ani1 can tel me e reason??
life is back to normal.. darling is jus SWEET SWEET SWEET!!! hehe.. i'm gonna b diabetic soon.. lol.. sigh.. loving him more n more each dae.. lalalala..

anw jus got home.. went to have prata wif andy's dad.. kinda weird actually.. cos his bro was dere too.. aft we reached e prata shop his dad specially asked me to sit opp him.. which i found kinda weird la.. den i din wanna eat aniting but dey forced me to eat so ok la i chose to eat a plain prata but his dad sae not nice eat egg better.. so i was ok.. eat egg den.. weird la.. haha.. den we shared tis plate of curry while andy n is bro shared e other one.. i tot by rite since i'm andy's gf we shld b sharin e curry instead? n he even chose tis prata which was not so burnt for me.. u may think he's jus being concerned.. cos i'm a gal so he treats me better.. mayb tats e case la.. mayb i tink too much ba.. lol.. but if i told tis to my parents or my aunt dey would definitely think likewise.. but andy's dad is nice la.. not stingy.. friendly can talk nonsense wif him la.. haha..

hols r jus bored.. i hv nth to do.. i'm spending practically every single dae wif andy... rotting at his house.. not tat i don lik meeting him.. i love it.. but i'm getting kinda scared after meeting him so often.. its like i have no life la.. my life is jus to meet andy aft his sch.. lol.. how sad is tat manz.. i wanna find a job.. but i don wanna work alone.. mom jus helped me borrow e new harry porter book.. yay!!! yipee!! so whn i don meet andy i can read e book.. lol.. wad a sad life i have..

11:45 pm

Y Sunday, August 19, 2007

went to watch firewks last nite.. was super crowded la.. stood on e 'tama bridge' to watch the firewk.. the bridge was super packed la n 3 brainless baboons act tried to squeeze thru wif their bikes.. stupid la.. cant they take another pathway.. mad rite? so pack alr stil wanna walk pass wif their bikes.. haiz.. reali duno where r their brains..

anw back to e firewks.. i won sae it was a fantastic display.. but e designs were kinda unique la.. esp the one which had the shape of china's national flower.. tat was kinda cool.. haha.. i esp love the goldie coloured firewks.. n watchin wif andy made e firewks xtra nice.. haha..

life cant b sweet.. onli by giving in and usding each other can life b easier.. yup.. mich is stil in the process of learing.. hehe..

n to my parents: pls stop nagging at every lil ting i do.. i jus hate staying home during wkends.. if not saying home wld avoid all these squabbles i'l go out every wkend.. hate all these..

7:36 pm

Y Thursday, August 16, 2007

wad has our love become? y isit so shallow n easily shattered? sick n tired.. i jus wan happiness..

11:34 pm

Y Tuesday, August 14, 2007

雨 不停落下来
花 怎麼都不开
尽管我细心灌溉 你说不爱就不爱
我一个人 欣赏悲哀
爱 只剩下无奈
我 一直不愿再去猜
钢琴上黑键之间 永远都夹著空白
缺了一块 就不精采
紧紧相依的心如何Say goodbye
我用背叛自己 完成你的期盼
把手放开不问一句 Say goodbye
冷冷清清淡淡今後都不管 只要你能愉快
心 有一句感慨
我 还能够跟谁对白
在你关上门之前 替我再回头看看
那些片段 还在不在

4:53 pm

Y Monday, August 13, 2007

I HATE IA & F!!!! sucky module.. so difficult.. haiz.. i always suck at finance.. so sad.. y must i study financial stuff anw.. i'm not even taking e finance course.. dots dots dots.. sianz.. oh well i jus aim to pass la.. i'm not tat AMBITIOUS.. HAHAHA.. din reali noe how to do todae's paper.. din tink it was difficult cos i tot i din noe how to do was due to e fact tat i din reali study v hard.. but aft e exam my frens were all sayin its a hard paper.. so i guess its reali tough la.. nth to do wif whether i studied or not.. hehehe.. =P

watched e show BARNYARD few days ago.. super lame show.. but v funny.. i almost died laughing la.. there's tis part where e farmer saw e animals partyin.. the animals were shock n din noe wad to do.. so a quick witted donkey used his hoofs to kick the farmer n he fainted.. blah blah blah.. mus watch if u hv not watched.. v funny la! lol..

now i gtg cont to study for RM.. sian.. cant wait for exams to end so i can PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! WAHAHAHA.. =D

11:18 pm

Y Sunday, August 12, 2007

i came home, closed my room door behind me.. n everything ard me jus became very quiet.. suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my heart.. felt reali lost n empty all of a sudden.. tats whn i realise i've lost u.. n my heart reali aches.. wish u were still wif me.. but i noe its jus wishful thinkin on my part.. if u feel tat parting wif me would make u happier den i respect ur decision.. i'm sorry i onli bring u pain n bad memories.. though i may not b a great gf.. i still hope tat at times u'l tink abt e small lil happy times we've had tgt..

tml our anni le.. but we cant spend it tgt.. i'm sorry i din love u enuf.. din make u happy enuf.. now i jus wish i could tell u 'U MEAN ALOT TO ME'..

下雨了 站在玻璃门里头
并没有 总是挂念着我 你带着伞来接我
夜晚了 只剩老板跟我
不知怎么安抚 太任性的我
已经过去 雨伞和雨衣 不会再庇护我
直到你不再疼我以后 来不及了
停雨了 不必再躲雨了
已经过了该打烊的时候 还是不
太想走太晚了 只能坐计程车
已经过去雨伞和雨衣 不会再庇护我
直到你不再疼我以后 来不及了
沿着导盲砖试着假装 的确有点困难
反正你不再在乎几点 该几点回到家
已经过去 雨伞和雨衣 不会再保护我
直到你放弃爱我以后 来不及了
对不起长大太慢 害你遗失了我
抱歉 让你白费了这么多
i'm sorry...

7:07 pm

Y Monday, August 06, 2007

seeing u todae has sorta rekindled my love for u.. i noe u do love me.. jus tat i cant reali feel it so i'm insecure.. i wanna b sure of ur feelings for me b4 i do aniting else for our rls.. i don wanna end up like a fool jus like e other dae.. so pls forgive me for being so cold e past few daes.. no matter wad i appreciate that u're trying ur best n I LOVE U HONEY! =)

9:28 pm

Y Friday, August 03, 2007

don make promises whn u cant keep it.. hearing u make promises n tellin me sweet stuff i admit it makes me happy.. but whn u cant keep it it jus hurts me even more.. no pt saying sorry whn rite aft sayin sorry u jus forget wad u jus promised me n make e same mistake all over again.. mayb u din forget.. mayb its jus tat soccer n everyting else in ur life is much more impt den showin me love.. u don hv to follow strictly to wad i wan u to do.. u nd not jus give me kisses onli b4 u slp.. at times u can b flexible n do stuff on ur own accord..

though i noe u're sorry for wad u've done.. but sayin sorry is not enuf.. saying sorry doesnt mean that e insecure feeling within me would jus creep away.. i cant tink of stuff to make myself happy.. even if u give me lotsa money to go shop would not make me happy.. bcos not knowing how deep ur love for me is just engulfs all my happiness.. seeing happy couples on e street n i look back at us who now looks so much more lik strangers jus hurts me even more.. where hv all the happy times gone to? how come we're no longer happy whn we're out tgt? no more cuddling no more intimacy.. it even seems lik u're afraid to come close to me.. where is e xin fu feeling i've experienced b4? mayb its cos we've been tgt for quite smtime so we seldom do such stuff anm.. but if u recall we've onli been tgt for 8mths.. its such a short time n our love fades so fast.. it reali scares me to tink wad would our future be like..

isit reali that diff for u to show me a teeny bit of love? do i not deserve it?

yes i am EMO tis whole week.. i duno y but i jus cant help but feel tis way.. i wish i can be happy too.. but sadness is all i can feel..

oh well.. i'm sorry i caused u to be troubled jus now.. i don wish to hurt u or add on to ur burden.. i jus wish tat whn all e troubles are weighing me down i can share dem wif u.. hoping u wld usd.. its not always tat whn i kick up a big fuss means i deliberately wanna quarrel wif u so i could meet other guys.. i don wan u to feel bad i jus wanna get it off my chest.. i guess its better to jus keep all my troubles to myself.. saying it out would jus cause the person i love to get hurt n miserable.. sometimes, things nd not be said so clearly.. its better to jus forgive n forget...

10:01 pm


u call me during ur break.. i shld hv been happy to hear ur voice.. yet aft hearing e coldness in ur voice i jus felt emptier den ever.. i stil love u.. i'm jus sian tat i no longer can feel the love btw us.. mayb e sweet honeyee moon period has long passed.. but i still long for it.. to feel the passionate love between us.. i don nd to feel it daily.. jus once a week or once twice a week.. isit too much to ask for? well.. mayb its too much to ask for.. knowing that for u to treat me nice its worse than askin u to go shopping wif me.. i noe u're trying to b fair to me.. i pei u stay home so one day u accompany me to town to compensate me.. i'm happy we're goin town todae.. but i feel that u're not reali happy.. reali feel like cryin now.. wish u could jus appear beside me n hug me.. tel me eth's gonna b ok n that ur love for me is stil as strong as ever.. i noe that's not gonna happen.. neither would u sae such stuff to me.. for that's not smth which u would sae..

i try my best to do wadeva to make u happy.. not demanding aniting from u.. not demanding u to sae aniting sweet to me.. u wanna slp early i let u slp though i usually slp a few hrs later den u.. u din sae gd nite or give me gd nite kiss i oso din sae aniting.. though u promised me that u wld msg me every morning u wake up yet u failed to do so i oso din blame u for i jus told myself to accept u as e way u r.. u wanna stay home i din complain.. even e whole of last wk i din step into town i din complain or ask u to go town wif me.. i merely jus commented that i haven been to town for a wk.. n i'm reali glad u took e initiative to go town wif me todae.. i reali appreciate.. i no longer dare to ask u to give me aniting or voice out whn i'm unhappy abt certain stuff u do.. i jus tel myself its okie.. jus let it go.. its no big deal.. u're jus lidat n i shld jus accept it.. if u haven noticed we've not quarrelled for a week le.. jus small squabbles, nth else.. jus hope that e changes i've made would enable our rls to be smooth sailing n not filled wif unhappiness..

i still love u..
i hope that u still do love me..

10:03 am

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