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17 March 88



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Y Wednesday, March 31, 2010

contrary to the fact tat cartoons r childish & boring, HOW TO TRAIN UR DRAGON is one good film.. haha.. i din catch it in 3D cos im nt a 3D person.. i dislike wearin e glasses.. nevertheless, tis movie is nice! haha.. thumbs up to DREAMWORKS! =)

11:35 pm

Y Saturday, March 27, 2010

my fren terence poh suggested to watch tis movie.. n i tink tis show sucks.. so slow moving & e main actor killed himself for no good reason.. totally crappy in my opinion..
but tk god we had a nice dinner at sushitei wif a nice view of the city streets..

2:20 pm

Y Thursday, March 25, 2010

went to e car showroom at west coast n these 2 cars caught my eye.. haha.. evo9 & porche

1:37 am

Y Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my bdae celebration dae 1 wif amanda & celina at clarkquay.. had ramen at SANTOUKA followed by chocolate souffle desert and chocolate truffle.. super duper fattening.. oh manz..

day 2: dinner wif family @ NO SIGNBOARD .. love e chilli crab!

day 3: dinner at Halia located in the heart of Botanic Garden.. ambience is v nice & e food is top notch.. i had the lamb steak and andy had e fish wif tis orange tangy sauce which surprisingly goes v well wif e fish.. fish is also v fresh.. though e portion is not huge but the quality of the food is def worth the high price..

9:56 am

Y Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ive been extremely bz lately & i hardly hv e time to blog.. hehe.. so i'l jus start wif a simple post for tis week.. bought 2 pairs of shoes from MITJU cos there's a 50% off e 2nd pair.. so i had no choice but to buy 2.. haha.. stupid gimmick to make ppl spend more..

11:47 pm

Y Monday, March 15, 2010

i used to b addicted to the toy catcher machine but im past tat stage. n now its NIC's turn to b addicted to it.. haha.. we caught e big melody plush for $20! its reali nice to hug but e fur keeps dropping.. i brought it into e cinema so i cld hug it while watchin COP OUT.. hehe.. den we headed to YISHUN DAM for a lil meetup.. wanted to go rounding actually but tks to sucky team members we din go down to OG.. followed by supper at JALAN KAYU PRATA..

12:37 am

Y Sunday, March 14, 2010

celebrated ANDY's bdae wif dinner at KUISHINBO..

1:15 pm

Y Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ever since e last time i ate e minced meat noodle in bedok ive always wanted to go back there for more.. yst i finally went there again to satisfy my craving.. there were 2 stalls selling e noodle side by side & wad made tings worse was tat both stalls have many awards.. so i jus picked a stall & prayed tat i ordered frm e right stall.. but to my disappointment, e noodle taste horrible.. i duno if i ordered frm e wrong stall or their standard has dropped.. doubt i'l b gng there for ani more noodle.. haha.. considering e long travelling distance..

1:29 am

Y Sunday, March 07, 2010

had a hearty meal at LERK THAI.. we ordered so much food tat i couldnt even finish my main dish.. haha.. but e food is good.. i esp love e mango prawns..
did a lil shopping aft e meal and got myself a pair of ribbon earrings.. plus an early bdae gift from NIC.. a GUCCI tote bag! now i have an additional bag to interchn.. yay! *cheers*
went down to orchard for rounding but sad to sae the roads were v quiet.. it was sucha letdown.. played a few rounds den went to meet TERENCE & IRENE for supper at geylang 126..

1:14 pm

Y Saturday, March 06, 2010

the movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND has high ratings yet i tink e movie is only so-so.. i tink its kinda draggy.. guess i jus duno hw to appreciate e movie.. hahaha.. above is andy's fave character in e movie.. cant rmb e cat's name.. so if any1 noe its name pls kindly tell andy.. lol..

12:37 am

Y Tuesday, March 02, 2010

catch tis HOT movie for summer! haha.. i watched e movie wif NIC & MEIJUN.. we rushed all the way up to the cinema as we were late tks to the slow traffic plus having to wait for a parking lot.. b4 watching e movie i was alr sweating.. haha.. cos of Da S's appearance in the movie so i decided to watch tis movie over the movie dear john.. tis movie is kinda like the chinese version of the eng movie VALENTINE'S DAY.. its a must watch for those who're in e mood for LOVE! =)

12:05 am

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