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17 March 88



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Y Monday, August 31, 2009

Some pics frm our DBL O advanture.. lol.. lazy to upload all e pics.. so jus a few for viewing..

terence, andy, alvan

evan & me

kissy =)

1:02 am

Y Saturday, August 29, 2009

went tanjong rhu after catchin a movie.. tanjong rhu is one of my fave places.. its rather quiet.. and has a nice view.. =)
and i finally went to renew my bbdc membership & im gonna tk my driving license aft procrastinating for 3 yrs.. lol..
night view of tanjong rhu

view of tanjong rhu taken from barrage

12:19 am

Y Friday, August 28, 2009

12:41 am

Y Tuesday, August 25, 2009

went to west coast park & ran into tis super huge poodle name FIFI.. ive nv seen sucha huge poodle in my life lor.. norm those poodles tat we c r minature ones.. so tis is reali an eye opener.. haha.. FIFI is a v gentle, shy but obedient dog.. doesnt reali lik guys those.. when my guy fren touches her she'l turn her head away shyly.. haha.. but she likes me though.. she even rest her head on my leg.. cute rite? hehe.. hope to c FIFI again whn i visit the park..

12:41 am

Y Sunday, August 23, 2009


i went shopping in ION again tis afternoon.. haha.. but i din shop every level.. only shopped there briefly and headed into SEPHORA to look for a new foundation.. and i decided on getting MAC.. $60 for the powder and $15 for the box.. im $75 poorer.. =(

went SHOKUDO market for dinner.. we're dining there for the 2nd time tihe tis week.. haha.. nt cos the food there is fantastic but cos of the member card tat my mom applied for me so we're kinda forced to eat there to enjoy the 20% discount while we still can.. lol.. the 20% is only applicable for the 1st week tat e card is applied, subsequently will b 10% only.. so if u all wanna dine there can borrow the card frm me.. haha..

11:56 pm

Y Saturday, August 22, 2009

caught tis movie yst n i love it! haha.. love stories always score well wif me.. =D

here are pics frm my prawning last nite as well as pics frm my visit to the barrage todae..

11:15 am

Y Friday, August 21, 2009

caught the movie with frens on tue.. the movie kinda lousy.. nt worth the money la.. i won hv watched it if my fren din suggest.. haha..

todae's e start of my dieting plan n im proud to sae i completed all the necessary exercises.. haha.. n i ate super healthy food.. yong tau foo for lunch and subbie for dinner.. im feeling hungry now due to the lack of food but i cant eat supper!!! i mus persevere!!!

1:13 am

Y Thursday, August 20, 2009

michelle's "weight loss" program

day 1
warm up for 10mins
Jogging on treadmill for 5 laps ( 2 km )
Do step step till the program ends.
Do abs (machine) 3sets of 12reps each.
Next take mat and do crunches NOT SITUPS~!! 3sets of 12
(andy will demo the crunches in the gym. kindly ask for assistance.)
Cooling down exercise. 10mins.

day 2
warm up for 10mins
start with cycling ( will not make ur wadeva u think grow fat ) stop imagining things~! its proven...
dun argue asshole....
do weights for biceps and triceps. (andy will show u the exercises)
jogging on treadmill for 3 laps (1.2km)
do abs (machine) 3sets of 12reps each.
cooling down exercise. 10mins.

tis is the weight loss prog andy specially designed for me.. so from the start of tml im gonna b extremely disciplined and adhere to the prog.. gdbye to all the delicious food.. im gonna be goin thru hell the nx mth.. haha.. nevertheless im extremely touched tat andy tot up tis prog for me.. tks a million!! =D


met up wif my BFFS!! kinda disappointed tat only 2 managed to come.. hope to meet u wif e rest of the girlies soon.. anw here r some pics from our outing..

12:14 am

Y Tuesday, August 18, 2009

all u ever see is my mistake..
im sick of all these..
sick of getting all e blame..
wadeva i am wadeva im not its non of ur business
and i don need u to judge me..

1:41 am

Y Monday, August 17, 2009

i went to ION again on fridae n finally managed to shop there.. i've been there a no of times but din get to shop ard.. oso tried the food at the basement.. its quite nice.. i bought a pretty skirt from bershka.. =)

e toilet @ my work place

peking duck (5 for $6)

banana & chocolate taiyaki.. reali crispy n yummy but i think its not chocolaty enuf..

12:43 am

Y Friday, August 14, 2009

munchie monkey!

3:18 pm




had dinner at MARCHE

present from baby!

different sides of the puzzle

our love in the heart =)

2:29 pm

Y Wednesday, August 12, 2009

went to do my nails last nite.. im loving it!!! love having long nails i cant stand having short ugly nails manz.. the nails look v natural tks to the good workmanship of CHU XUAN.. money well spent! =)

9:59 am

Y Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pics from my durian trip to msia.. din reali had enuf time to do my shopping at jusco.. only managed to get a pair of flats.. kinda disappointed.. anw i'll let e pics do e talking.. lazy to type le.. gonna go slp le.. nite!

12:19 am

Y Monday, August 10, 2009

pics frm my NDP @ padang.. the bag given tis yr is not bad u can actually remove the flap n use it like a tote.. eh i forgot to take a pic of the bag though.. wil post it the nx time i blog.. hehe.. goin to kbox now.. ciao!!

12:42 pm

Y Friday, August 07, 2009

caught e movie UP yst after work.. i tink e movie sucks.. e story line is monotonous, no climax at all.. more suitable for children.. its almost like watching cartoon on tv.. definitely not worth my money watching.. but e graphics is not too bad la.. e whole movie is v colourful.. colourful balloons & birds.. plus a lil funny parts.. MONSTER VS. ALIENS is sooo much better den tis movie..

11:02 am

Y Wednesday, August 05, 2009

lalala.. work is super boring.. currently no students so im happily blogging away.. 4 more hours & i'm free!!! =))

1:06 pm

Y Monday, August 03, 2009

had dinner in FISH & CO over @ the glass house.. it was my first time there & i was surprised to find a live band there.. haha.. the place is awesome for celebrations especially since u can dedicate songs for ur loved ones.. sadly no one dedicated a song for me on sat.. lol..

10:46 pm

Y Sunday, August 02, 2009


2 pretty ladies @ e loan counter =)


me & shek's daily head count of enquiries.. highest no of enquiries is 140


been kinda lazy to blog recently since i started work.. each dae aft work im extremely exhausted.. haha.. lik an old woman le.. yst went to 3 diff places in search of our levi's jeans but sadly all 3 places do not hv me & babe's sizes.. sucks! gonna try lot1 later hopefully dey have our size.. haha..

so fast its sundae alr.. sianz.. tml back to work! grrr... hv to endure 2 more weeks of work den im free!!!

1:40 pm

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