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17 March 88



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Y Sunday, March 30, 2008

went to ASKA YANG ZONG WEI's mini concert @ ZOUK yesterday.. his voice is reali powerful!! looks also ok la.. not as bad as i tot.. haha.. got up close n personal wif him tks to e fact tat his autograph session is @ suntec n my company is e organiser.. he's quite humble la.. funny also.. my boss jokingly told him his fans hv been waiting for him for v long n he said "i'm sorry i walk faster".. cute rite? lol.. n he drew a reali cute cartoon of himself on e acrylic board we asked him to autograph.. hehe.. too bad its not wu zun tats comin.. if not i would hv been happier.. hehe.. din get to take photo wif him cos i was bz givin out flyers downstairs whn he came to my off.. haiz.. but i hv an exclusive pic of him taken in suntec.. wahahaha..

*sorry pics kinda blur n dark as i was quite a distance from the stage n its rather dark in zouk. i did use flash but doesnt seem to b v bright.. lol..

10:33 pm

Y Thursday, March 27, 2008

wore my super high super sharp & pointy shoe to wk today.. n i did tons of walkin now my feet is achin lik mad.. its so hard to walk wif tis pair of shoe.. my feet would slide to e front n there's hardly ani grip so i have difficulty walkin.. haiz.. high heels are made to make gals suffer.. haha.. but of cos we hv to agree it has many benefits..

met dear aft wk n we went IMM n had our dinner at mos burger.. shop shop awhile den had to go home le.. now i seem to have so lil time lor.. aft wk can only go tk dinner walk a bit den hv to go hm le.. lik so lifeless.. sad manz.. everydae is jus wk wk wk.. cant wait for sch to start.. haiz..


* very good condition

* size S/M

* brown in colour, blue stripes

* selling @ $50 (price negotiable)

*interested buyers pls contact me!!! =)

11:01 pm

Y Tuesday, March 25, 2008

viwawa is FUN!!! haha.. been bz wkin nowadays so hardly get to play.. so sad.. anw my highest record so far is 11 tai!!! wahahaha.. all pong, mixed suit, fa cai, dong fong, self draw plus one flower n one animal.. =))

i'm growing fat!!
argh smbody pls save me!!!
went to e gym todae.. wil go swimming tml.. seriously nd to loose weight!!! =X

11:36 pm

Y Sunday, March 23, 2008

Love is an act of endless forgiveness.
It is the things we have in common that makes our relationship enjoyable & blissful,
but it is the little differences that make them interesting.
with you by my side I'm constantly filled with abundant happiness! =)

12:34 am

Y Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a surprise gift arrived at my doorstep nt too long ago.. from a mysterious person.. hehe..

plant in a jar accompanied by cute rabbits

9:46 pm


celebrated my bdae @ bottle tree park yst.. its a romantic place for couples to go.. u can sit on e swing n gaze at e stars.. super duper sweet! hehe.. but e food there is reali ex la.. one plate of kang kong is lik $15!! ex rite? or isit normal? lol.. n don not drink e coconut its horrible.. not even sweet.. anw we order cereal prawn my fave! n sambal kang kong plus sweet & sour fish! hehe.. yummy.. n we had a stroll along the park aft dinner.. =)

9:18 pm

Y Sunday, March 16, 2008

celebrated my bdae todae cos tml hv to work.. haiz.. so sucky.. bdae stil hv to wk.. sianz sianz sianz.. super sianz la.. hate wkin!!! anw din reali do aniting special to celebrate my bdae.. went orchard to shop.. bought a top from zara.. n bought andy a belated bdae present.. went to tis crepe shop in cine.. crepe not bad.. price is also reasonable.. den headed down to lucky plaza to play pool.. tat place is infested wif maids la.. every corner u turn u jus c maids.. maids maids everywhere.. den had dinner in coffee bean.. i ordered e spicy tuna spaghetti.. aft eating i reali regret ordering it.. it tastes even worse den e usual tuna spah tat i cook la.. plus their tuna is also e can tuna.. n i paid $9.50 for it!!!! daylight robbery manz.. grrrr..

11:17 pm

Y Wednesday, March 12, 2008

celebrated dear's bdae on sun n yst.. went to new york new york for dinner yst.. jus e 2 of us.. dinner was so so la.. sun's dinner wif his family was better.. went to japanese village for dinner.. e concept of e restaurant is rather unique.. for sushi u can take from e conveyer belt.. however for e main dishes u gotta go get tis stick indicating the food u wan n put it in tis container at ur table.. den e waiter would come collect all e sticks n serve u ur food.. kinda lik buffer style where u walk ard e restaurant to get ur food but tis one u don take e actual food but take e stick.. interesting concept eh? haha..

i'm starting wk tml!! argh.. so fast.. so lazy to wk.. sianz..

11:12 pm

Y Thursday, March 06, 2008

my fave flower GEBERA

tons of stuff has happened tis past few daes.. feel super stressed up being sandwhiched btw the 2 ppl.. A & S.. pls stop stressing me for an ans.. seriously i duno which is e right ans.. each time i make a decision u always do stuff to disappoint me n mk me wonder if i made e wrong choice.. if u love me tis is not e way u shld b treating me.. stop testing me.. wad e hell do u tink u're doin? testing me every single day.. did u consider my feelings? did u all tink of wad i wan? wad is best for me?? pls jus give me a break give me sm space to breathe pls..

* true love need not b tested.... its sumthing we shld cherish with our hearts*

12:01 am

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