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17 March 88



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Y Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tried my hands on Adobe Photoshop for e 1st time but i guess i FAILED badly.. cant seem to get the hang of it.. too many functions too complicated for me.. mayb sm1 should give me a crash course on ADOBE.. hahaha.. aft tryin my best to edit tis pic i only managed to add tis embedded border tingy.. hope u all can c it.. hehe..
anw tis was my roselit lunch for todae.. SPECIALLY prepared by ANDY wif LURVEE!! =)
there's macaroni wif tuna, cream of chicken soup n a pretty pink rose.. ANDY can be sooo sweet when he wants to.. hehe..

11:12 pm

Y Monday, July 28, 2008

I don understand y other's relationship can be so fun-filled yet ours is always so DULL??
isit the lack of planning from you or u're just not adventurous?
u always complain we shldnt go out cos we do not have aniting to do.. yet other couples always seem to have stuff to do.. u're just not willing to step out of ur shell.. coped up in e tiny pathetic enclosure of urs.. nv once sparing a tot for me..
if your reason to tis is e same old 'we tgt for v long alr ma'.. den may I know how come when we first started out we nv did FUN stuff? other den e same old movie, eat dinner, go home?? hv u at least once brought me to east coast park n jus hold me in your arms.. sit there & listen to e sound of e waves??

ya.. compared to alvan's gf i'm far better.. ok fine.. yes i am more fortunate den her.. cos i get to go town wif u.. whereas she n alvan only stays home.. but did u consider e fact tat tis is e lifestyle n rls she wants? did u consider e fact tat she chose alvan instead of her other suitors cos alvan prefers to stay home jus like her? whereas others prefer e outdoors more??

i HATE being indoors! I'll never will be like alvan's gf.. cos obviously we're totally DIFFERENT..

11:13 pm


i had a rather bz weekend.. haha.. sat i went to EASON CHAN's moving on stage 11 concert.. den sun went to Daughtry's st jam party..

i must sae tat eason's live singing is reali gd.. he sang more den 13 songs i tink.. haha.. but costume wise not v fantastic.. n e stage was not nicely decorated.. he's well-versed in singing but not dancing.. haha.. n he sang lotsa canto songs n spoke mostly canto.. so if u don usd canto better not go watch his concert if not half of the time u won noe wad he's saying..

Daughtry's street jam party was not bad.. i din enjoy e heat n sweat though.. n i tot i would faint anitime from the lack of oxygen la.. thank god i din.. haha.. e music was deafening manz! alot of the cells in my ear died as a result of the loud music.. lol..

here are the sharper pics from eason's concert:

6:45 pm

Y Saturday, July 26, 2008

Went to Jack's Place for lunch todae..

My FaVe: Lobster Soup

Crayfish & chicken combo

Ribeye Steak

1:36 am

Y Wednesday, July 23, 2008

boring boring boring..

choa chu kang seems to be e new hang out for me currently.. been stuck in cck for 3 consecutive days.. i'm soo sick of eating e stuff in cck.. i cant wait for fri to come so i can finally step into town.. well on e brighter side, not goin town means lots of savings on transport, food & one step closer to saving enuf money to buy my gucci wallet.. hahaha..

tons of stuff i wanna buy yet without income i'm unable & not willing to fork out the cash to purchase them.. i can only survive on my $120 allowance a wk n scrim & save..


i noe aft my numerous complaints u've finally decided to do sm stuff to make me happy..
ya i do appreciate it.. but at e same time it kinda makes me sad to tink tat i nd to nag at u b4 u can do aniting.. y cant it come naturally from u?

i want to feel the happiness of being in a rls once again..
i want to feel my heartbeat quicken when u're near me..
to have butterflies in my stomach each time i c u..
i've long forgotten the feeling of being in love..
what must i do to get the feeling back?

6:57 pm

Y Monday, July 21, 2008

andy's bro will be released from army tis fri.. tgt wif stanley n jia hui's bf.. bet it has been a tiring 2wks for dem.. most torturing 2wks of their life i must sae.. n esp torturing for andy's bro.. haha..

e pampered lil baby calls home n whines to his parents tat he cant take it anm.. he's gonna crumble anitime soon.. n his dad even had to console him.. poor thing.. LOL.. n tis is e same guy who was so boastful b4 he went into army.. e same guy who said tat he wants to be an officer in future.. sae goin army will allow him to be more matured.. wad has become of that guy?? lol.. he jus made himself a laughin stock..

i noe 2 guys who went into the army wif him n e 2 of them r doing fine.. of cos its equally tiring for them but dey're stil hanging in there.. even jia hui's bf who's a da shao ye, used to having maid waiting on him, is also doin fine.. he even told her tat training's ok e only part he doesnt like is having to wash e clothes himself.. haha.. so seriously i don usd hw come andy's bro cant take it..

ya i've not been thru it n never will usd hw it is like in there.. yes i admit i duno.. but since both of my frens are able to take it i don c y he cant.. plus he's not weak physically.. n he goes to e gym to train so often.. he's taller n more fit den dem.. so y cant he take it? too pampered at home? tinks tat jus cos he's a king at home he'l also b treated as a king in e army?? haha.. he better wake up his idea manz! so much for becoming more mature.. hahaha.. alvin u're funny manz!


anw i jus told jimmy tis funny news.. even he too tinks tat he's full of shit la.. hahaha..
seriously if he wasnt so boastful n so full of himself, i would hv sympathised wif him..
tis would only lead to his downfall..

* darling bought tis BEBE tee for me!! =P

10:45 pm

Y Thursday, July 17, 2008

went sentosa wif babe and frens.. kinda sun burnt.. but it was fun! haha.. we played vball wif sm other ppl we got to know there.. n also played captain ball.. but super tiring la.. n my arm hurts.. =(

lalalala.. dear sae tml giving me surprise!!! cant wait!!!! yay~ =)))))

11:39 pm

Y Tuesday, July 15, 2008

went NEWTON for dinner todae.. the place has changed quite a bit since i last went there.. haha.. now it has a striking resemblance to east coast park e food centre.. there were so many bbq stalls n we had no idea which one to eat la.. we walked oneround den finally settled down at i duno no. wad bbq stall.. haha.. ordered sambal kang kong, stingray n satay form malay stall.. e bbq food was so so only.. bit too salty for my liking.. e satay was not bad.. esp like e rice.. its e whitest satay rice i've ever seen! haha.. its super white, almost translucent.. its soft n yummy! nice! e satay sauce was so so only.. n e meat super lil la.. n e sugar cane juice we ordered was super ex lor! $1.50 is without lemon.. if wan lemon need to add 50Cents so its $2 a cup.. FREAKIN ex la!!! tat slice of lemon got so ex meh.. nd to charge me additional 50 cents.. kns la.. cheat my money!!!

11:42 pm

Y Sunday, July 06, 2008

fourth day i'm sick.. n to make things worse i viomitted todae.. n i don even one wad caused it.. isit e food i ate? or e medicine? argh.. sucks to be sick.. if i was still in poly i'l b reali happy to be sick so i don hv to go sch.. but now i wish i wasnt sick.. hate rotting at home on a sunday..
i pray tat i'l recover soon!!!

haiz.. sad.. i wanna go shopping!!! =(

mayb if sm1 gave me surprises i'l recover soon? hmmm.. tat cld be a reali gd medicine for me!! =P

10:18 pm

Y Friday, July 04, 2008

this is PEGGY aka SUPER DOG!!!
Andy was bathin her and all of a sudden she jus climbed onto the toilet bowl & remained in that position for quite sometime.. lol.. funny shit la.. duno wad she's trying to do..

7:08 pm

Y Thursday, July 03, 2008

went to Seoul Garden @ ngee ann city for dinner yst wif my frens.. ate till my stomach almost exploded.. i handmade e ice kachang.. super nice! i added all my fave ingredients and lotsa milk plus e brown sauce.. yummy!! =)

after dinner went to meet dearie at amk.. den had choco fondue for supper.. lol.. i jus couldnt resist the temptation though i was alr v full.. the fondue was superb! my 1st time having choco fondue wif my dearie.. memorable~ hehe.. =]

and u noe wad is the result of seoul garden + choco fondue? its = FEVER!!! i woke up tis morning wif sore throat and fever.. haiz.. sad.. spent the entire day sleeping.. lazing in dearie tiny bed.. lol..

11:56 pm

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