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17 March 88



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Y Friday, April 30, 2010

caught both movies back to back. me & andy jus had to catch e movie e min its out. haha.. totally
KIASU! im nt reali interested in e IPMAN la but since i watched e first part i had to watch e sequel.. its more or less e same as e first show la.. kungfu fighting as usual..
iron man was a bit disappointing though.. i tink there shld b more fighting scenes instead of focusing on building up e plot.. kinda draggy esp when dey kept focusing on hw e antagonist builds e new suits to replica iron man's technology..

11:46 pm


whn i went back to e car, to my shock n horror e whole car was covered w flowers petals & i received a fine. $30 goes down e drain tks to my absentmindedness.. in future gotta rmb to put parking coupon.. hehe..

e OGURA clutch tat nic spoilt. lol.. guess he clutched in too hard so all e 'teeth' as u can c above is all spoilt.. todae i finally c his overtaking skills.. unlike e normal tortoise speed.. haha.. e only time he speeds up is whn he 'races' wif another car..

1:19 am

Y Monday, April 26, 2010

after we turned out frm THE CATHAY carpark, we stopped behind tis ugly looking integra and for no apparent reason he jus pointed his middle finger at us. FUCKING asshole la! so we started to chase after him.. obviously he's car was no match for us.. knowing tat he couldnt win us he started to slow down n quickly exited at e nx exit.. kns lor.. wanna point middle finger den don dare to play.. LOSER! better don let me c him again lor..

1:20 pm

Y Sunday, April 25, 2010

had a game of pool wif NIC some time back.. place was v crowded & dey din hv ani vacant table outside so we had to tk e pool table located in a room so tat we could avoid waiting.. having e whole room to ourselves was great.. we din hv to worry the cue stick would hit others and we have lotsa space to move ard.. haha.. but of cos e room came wif a hefty price la.. $12 per hour.. of cos my pool skills arent as good as NIC.. but having managed to get a score of 8-10 was already considered v gd.. hahaha.. & i mus emphasise tat he din give in to me ya! lol.. right...

1:36 am

Y Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lunch over @ old airport rd. had e famous wanton mee there. its not too bad but only thin slices of char siew were given.. nevertheless, the stall has a long queue.

REX baby! =)

each time i travel on nicole highway i never fail to tk a pic of the flyer..

total boring movie abt sm stupid superhero. was utterly bored throughout e whole movie.. not many funny parts though its supposed to b a comedy..

1:52 am

Y Thursday, April 15, 2010

received another iphone cover as a gift frm GARY. mine's pink and his is purple. its a glow-in-e-dark case! e glow is more prominent whn u c it in total darkness.. cool eh?? haha.. mayb whn i go club e case will glow too.. i shall try it one dae..
buying an iphone is alr v costly n now ive wasted my money buyin iphone accessories. ive got a total of 5 iphone covers to date.. 4 in e above pic and another clear case which ive jus given to my dad.. and recently i bought an extra iphone charger which cost me $20.. ive got e urge to get e portable iphone charger cos my phone runs outta batt v fast esp whn i play games. but i tink i gotta curb my spendings for tis mth.. hehehe.. =P

1:08 am

Y Monday, April 12, 2010

i totally lurve shopping manz! haha.. so far ive splurged on a coach wristlet and 2 tops..

11:31 pm

Y Thursday, April 08, 2010

while waiting for my crops to be harvested, i decided to use my spare time to blog. hehe.. received tis dress in my mailbox todae.. tk god e dress is nice n material is great too.. not those cheapo type of material.. ive been spending way too much lately.. bought lotsa clothes which ive yet to wear.. jus chucked it in my wardrobe.. haha.. n to make tings worse im planning to go shopping on fri.. bet i'l be getting more stuff to fill my wardrobe.. cant help it.. SHOPPING IS IN MY BLOOD! =)

2:21 am

Y Monday, April 05, 2010

CLASH OF THE TITANS wasnt as nice as anticipated.. it wasnt terrible but jus din live up to its expectations.. n e male lead isnt handsome.. shld hv gotta a better looking guy to act so at least i could oogle at him througout e show n tat would b e best selling pt.. haha..

12:41 am

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